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Katt Williams Slams Tiffany Haddish and Goes Toe-to-Toe with Wanda Smith on the Radio

Katt Williams is not holding back in a new radio interview with Atlanta radio station V-103 Friday, Sept. 14. He even took a dig at fellow comic Tiffany Haddish before tearing into host Wanda Smith.

While remarking on comedy stars, he said despite Haddish working since she was 16, folks don’t recognize her work because she doesn’t tour.

“You can’t tell me your favorite Tiffany Haddish joke. Why? Because she ain’t done a tour yet,” Williams says. “She ain’t done a special, she has not proven the ability to tell jokes back to back for an hour to nobody. And they all ready to down Mo’Nique. And up somebody who has shown them ‘Girls Trip.’ Do you think she wrote ‘Girls Trip,’ goofball? Or do you think that was already a script and they handed it to her.”

After shading Haddish by not counting her as one of “our greatest black actresses,” he claimed that anyone else could have stepped into her role in the 2017 comedy blockbuster and “everything that happened would have happened.”

“Unless you thought you were necessary to write the ‘Saturday Night Live’ monologue,’ he added of Haddish’s turn as an SNL host. “I only care about what you write, I don’t care about what you read. Everybody can read that can read.”

Even when Smith asked him what he thought of the movie, he replied, “I thought it was a great script when I saw it in 2004.”

Williams went on to dismiss the notion that Haddish is real and dissed the fact that his comedian pals who are similar to her — but not necessarily as pretty — get passed over.

But that wasn’t all. Toward the end of the interview, Williams butted heads with Smith. After shading what he deemed her poor interviewing skills, he took a dig at her cooking “a really nice broccoli.”

“Right now, look up your phone and see what it takes to make broccoli and tell me does it say, ‘heat up water?'”

He also bashed Smith for performing standup at the Atlanta Comedy Theater while he packs Phillips Arena. He then bragged about having 19-inch hair that’s not chemically straightened.

“Only one of our hair is movin’ while we talkin’,” he says, bashing Smith’s short style. “Tell Wanda to take of them headphones and that wig. That wig and them headphones come together?”

The two traded barbs about clothing and Smith tried to come for Williams’ legal woes, but he made it clear he’s got 19 felonies but no convictions.

He also got the last dig saying of Smith’s weight, “even on the radio, you can hear the fact that exercise has crept into her vocabulary.”

Those who watched the interview ate up the messiness.

“Wanda couldn’t handle him – I LOVE IT!!”

“He went in on Wanda that’s what she get from trying to be passive-aggressive.”

“I almost spit out my cereal when she said broccoli! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

“I would never try Katt…. damnnn! That was a no no Wanda 😂😂😳”


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