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Wanda Smith Says She Felt ‘Attacked’ by Katt Williams, Husband Allegedly Pulls Gun on Him

After Atlanta radio host Wanda Smith was roasted during an interview with Katt Williams Friday, Sept. 14, a comedian is alleging that the next day her husband ran up on Williams brandishing a gun.

Zooman Miller went on Instagram Live to share what he says happened after Friday’s radio session, where Williams made jokes about Smith’s weight, hair and her cooking.

“Last night at the show, Wanda’s husband was there, her sons were there,” Miller says on Instagram Live of what went down at a standup show at Atlanta Comedy Theater Saturday, Sept. 15, where Katt Williams, like Smith and her family, was not performing but just an audience member. “And her husband pulls a gun out on Katt.

“We was cracking jokes,” Miller adds, describing Friday’s raucous radio interview. “I just watched the video again. She laughed and was smiling all the way through. … What was he about to do with the gun?”

He further explained that all the staff and comedians at the Norcross, Ga., venue looked shocked when LaMorris Sellers whipped out the weapon.

“If you on radio, man, and you interviewing somebody and it gets to roasting, you either got some guts to do roasting or you don’t. If you don’t you just bow out, let them get they shots but she was going in. And I’m trying to figure out what was said in the video … to make you say, ‘I’m coming with my husband and my sons and he got a gun on him?’ … When you pull that out, what happens next?”

Miller added that Williams, whom he’s a pal of, has been sharing love with other comics and said the incident shouldn’t have escalated beyond a joaning session.

A police report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says that Sellers pointed a gun at Williams, whom he claimed approached his wife, indicating he wanted to fight. He chased Williams into a local grocery store and left to go back to the theater. While Sellers admitted to having a gun on him, he denied aiming it at Williams, who chose not to press charges.

By Monday, Sept. 17, Smith gave her take on the Friday chat and addressed what allegedly happened at the comedy club. Smith recalled Williams walking up to her saying “I told you f-ing with me with me would make you go viral” which fired up her husband.

With her co-host Frank Ski citing legal reasons, Smith couldn’t go into detail beyond that.

“I felt like, as he started to talk, in the beginning, he had an agenda to attack me and I kept feeling some type of way,” says Smith who explained she begged Williams, who wasn’t booked, to chat with V-103 that day. “He kinda came for me. And I’m not that kind of comedian, like, I don’t go tit for tat. … When he started coming at me, it kinda threw me off.  I didn’t know how to come back … because that’s not how I wanted to talk to him … because of the respect.”

Smith said she had to say something in response to put an end to the back and forth and said engaging in that “really bothered me.”

But what didn’t bother her, she said, was the onslaught of online criticism that emerged against her in the wake of the incident. Still, she said she didn’t know what led things to go the way they did.

“I am not playing victim,” Smith says. “I am not a jokester like that. I don’t know how to do that. He did it. He won. It threw me off.”

Fans, meanwhile, continued to discuss the matter.

“He was not coming for her… He was speaking the truth and she tried to talk smack and got smacked.”

“But she went back and forth.”

“Katt spoke the truth, even had Frank dying laughing at yo wack ass. Stop it, she playing victim. And that picture of her 👆🏽 says it all. 😳🤔😂😭”

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