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Wanda Smith’s Husband Reveals He Fought Katt Williams’ Bodyguard, Confrontation ‘Had Nothing to do with’ On-Air Roasting

While V-103 host Wanda Smith wouldn’t detail what happened between her husband and Katt Williams at an Atlanta comedy club following her on-air joaning session with the comic, her husband is spilling the beans.

A police report said LaMorris Sellers aimed a gun at Williams Saturday, Sept. 15 outside the Atlanta Comedy Theater in Norcross, Ga. The document said Sellers admitted to having a gun on him but he didn’t point it at Williams.

Sellers told The Atlanta-Journal Constitution Tuesday, Sept. 18 the same thing. However, he did admit to the newspaper and in the police report that he chased the comic to a nearby grocery store on the grounds that Williams verbally assaulted Smith.

Sellers said Williams walked up to Smith outside the theater and the comic said, “There’s the lady of the hour,” and, puffing on a cigarette, added, “I told you f—king with me would make you go viral!”

It’s the same comment Smith said Williams made when she mentioned the confrontation on-air Monday.

Sellers said that remark made him step in and tell Williams, “Bro. You need to find something else to do.” He said Williams “turned up 50 notches” and said, “You find something to do? I’ll fight you! I’ll fight your big ass!”

Smith’s husband said Williams moved toward him and Sellers did the same before Williams took off toward a Food Depot, which was captured on surveillance video. Sellers dodged Williams’ bodyguard and chased the comedian. When the bodyguard caught up, Sellers said he and security started to scuffle, which led Sellers’ gun to fall out of his waistband. Sellers, who has carried a gun with him for a decade, got his weapon and said Williams continued racing to the store.

Once Sellers got there, he saw Williams headed down the aisles. Sellers said he retreated when he began getting looks from customers.

“I wasn’t trying to cause a commotion,” Sellers said. “I proceeded to walk past the bodyguard. I apologized. ‘Nothing personal against you. He doesn’t pay you enough to do this job.’ I could tell from his expression and demeanor he didn’t want no part of what Katt was doing.”

Sellers, who said it was Williams who started the incident, said he did not go after the Emmy winner because he took aim at his wife on V-103, where he mocked her weight, clothes and cooking.

“This situation made me look like the weakest, lamest person in the world,” Sellers said. “It made me look like I got mad because my wife got roasted by Katt Williams on the air. It had nothing to do with what was on the air. That’s what comedians do. When he came to the club, he targeted my wife. As a man, I’m not built like that. I couldn’t possibly let that happen. I have to protect my wife. I wasn’t looking for conflict. I just wanted him to keep it moving. He chose to do different.”

Williams, who had told police he had a gun pointed at him, ultimately indicated to TMZ there was no gun involved.

“I assure you, if there was a gun, there would have been charges and police and jail and all type of things,” Williams said after Monday night’s Emmy Awards. “So there could be no gun, right?”

“He never saw the barrel of the gun,” Sellers told the AJC the next day. “The video shows I had nothing in my hand. I had shoved it back into my waist.”

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