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Katt Williams Changes Story, Says Wanda Smith’s Husband Did Not Draw Gun During Confrontation

Katt Williams and radio host Wanda Smith’s husband got into a verbal altercation, and there are conflicting accounts on whether a gun was used by her husband Lamorris Sellers.

A few days ago, Williams and Smith had a contentious back-and-forth when the comedian stopped by “Frank and Wanda in the Morning” for an interview.

According to Smith, she saw Williams at the Atlanta Comedy Theater on Saturday Night, and he approached her about the interview. From there, she said Williams cursed her out with her husband right there.

Katt Williams Denied That A Gun Was Pulled On Him


“When I walked outside of the door, I saw Katt Williams and his bodyguard walking up towards the comedy club,” Smith recalled. “He saw me and made a beeline to where I was. He said, ‘I told you f–king with me would make you go viral.’ My husband said, ‘Hey dawg, find something else to do.’ And then [Williams] said, ‘I’ll jump on you’ … and then it [began].”

There were rumors that Sellers then pulled a gun on Williams, which was confirmed by the Gwinnett County Police Department. Police also said that Sellers chased the comedian to a nearby Food Depot, then turned around and went back into the club.

The beginning of the confrontation was captured on the Atlanta Comedy Theater’s surveillance video, where Williams can clearly be seen approaching Sellers then fleeing at the 4:18 mark.  

Sellers admitted to police that he had a gun but denied pulling it out and said it fell from his waistband during the chase. Williams told police as well that Sellers had a gun and pointed it at him, but he said something totally different when he spoke to TMZ.

“I assure you, if there was a gun, there would have been charges and police and jail and all type of things,” said Williams after leaving the Emmy Awards. “So there could be no gun, right?”

The 47-year-old then talked about Tiffany Haddish since he made some disparaging remarks about her career during his Frank and Wanda interview. It turned out, that Williams and Haddish took a photo together at the Emmy Awards, and Williams said he regretted what he said about her.

“Tiffany and I never had any beef,” he stated. “I’m just really sorry that I mentioned Wanda Sykes or Tiffany’s name. I was in a conversation with a non-female comedian about female comedians, that was a no-no. So I’ve been chastised enough by Wanda Sykes and others to see the error of my ways.”

Haddish was also asked if things were OK between her and Williams.

“It never was a problem,” she said.

At this time, police are still reviewing surveillance footage from the comedy theater, as well as Food Depot and said they’ll make arrests if they see any crimes have been committed.

The Atlanta Comedy Theater released a statement as well.

“There is a lot of speculation and misinformation on the Internet about the incident with Katt Williams and Wanda Smith’s husband,” the statement read. “The verbal altercation took place outside in the parking lot and not inside the Atlanta Comedy Theater. One of our security guards witnessed the incident as well and helped quickly de-escalate the situation and reported he saw no gun at anytime.”

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