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Trina Braxton Regrets Walking Out on ‘Braxton Family Values:’ ‘We Were Ill-Advised’

While the Braxton sisters were all supposedly on one accord when it came to refusing to shoot for “Braxton Family Values,” Trina Braxton seems to have some regrets about not coming to work that fateful day.

News broke earlier this summer that  TamarToniTowandaTrina and their mother, Evelyn refused to go on set to shoot the next half of season six. Only sister Traci got arrived on set. Allegedly, the family’s dispute stemmed from an issue over wages.

Speaking to “Bossip on WE tv,” Braxton admitted she had some jitters the morning the family walk out was set to go down.

“It wasn’t my management — the one I had and have,” she explains. “What we said we were gonna do was we were gonna collectively use the same person. … We decided to do this as a family so we’re gonna use this one person instead of this lawyer calling this person, this manager calling this person or whatever the case may be.

“To me, in my personal opinion we were ill-advised,” Trina adds. “I should have stuck with what I knew. However, here we are.”

Since then, filming has reportedly resumed and Traci announced she’d be going on some on-screen adventures with Phaedra Parks this season. That development rubbed Tamar the wrong way and she poked fun at the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s inclusion.

Meanwhile, Towanda claimed that Traci had gone against the family’s agreement to abstain from filming.

“Traci breached the agreement and we were blindsided when we ALL decided to go on strike for several reasons and Traci showed up unbeknownst to us…later finding out that others were implanted in the show who knows NOTHING about our family dynamics,” Towanda said.

Despite that, BFV viewers have come out in support of Traci for taking a step into the spotlight on her own. They even blasted her sisters for apparently leaving her out of The Braxtons during their rise to fame. Her admission begins at the 11:00 mark.

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