Tamar Braxton Clowned Following ’Joke’ About Phaedra ‘Braxton’

After Tami Roman issued a hilarious take on Phaedra Parks joiningBraxton Family Values” this season, Tamar Braxton has responded, but she’s not fired up about it.

Instead, Tamar is backing up Roman’s reaction, saying that a highly criticized video she posted on Instagram earlier this week echoes what she was trying to convey.

“I woke up a little aggy this morning because I was reading the blogs and I saw a headline that said Phaedra Braxton and I got annoyed instantaneously!” Roman said in her latest Bonnet Chronicles installment. “‘Cause I’m like, how y’all gon’ call Phaedra [Parks] Phaedra Braxton when I’ve been an honorary Braxton for as long as I can remember. I got the ‘T’ name and everything. Tami Braxton, it just fits, it just works, it should have been me.”

Roman went on to say that upon reading about the casting further, she learned Parks will be on BFV as a cast member. While the “Basketball Wives” star said she liked the former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, she said Parks should only be relegated to friend status on the WEtv series.

“I need all the motherf—ing Braxtons!” she concluded. “‘S,’ plural. Or it ain’t ‘Braxton Family Values!’ What you don’t get about that?”

Soon, Braxton, who previously went on Instagram Live to clear up her now-deleted video in which she shadily referred to Parks as Phaedra Braxton, said that her initial video was all just a joke.

“And that was ALL the video was about!!!🤷🏽‍♀️ it was a fkn joke and now I’m a hater 👀 since WHEN?? I haven’t shot since last March!! MY CHOICE!! @officialbonnetchronicles.”

Tamar Braxton

Still, Braxton had some pushback from fellow commenters.

“@tamarbraxton imma need u to get to set ma’am! Damn, first u retiring from music and we can’t get an album, now u ain’t filmed since March…. girl!! Get it together!!! What’s the plan?? Where is that talk show u were suppose to have? Hell call @foodnetwork they need to give u a cooking show where u can make them bomb looking ass lamb chops…and invite ur friends over! Something!”

“@tamarbraxton yeah… that’s some bull. Seems like fraudulence is going back to work.”

However, at least one fan was in Braxton’s corner.

“@tamarbraxton you don’t have to explain s— to nobody. Fakedra got no damn biz on y’all show! We are NOT WATCHING FOR HER! She is bad for business and bad for y’all brand! Period.”

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