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Tamar Braxton Lashes Out at Phaedra Parks for Joining ‘Braxton Family Values,’ Confirms She’s ‘Not on That Show Anymore’

Tamar Braxton is not a fan of former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks joining “Braxton Family Values” — despite the fact that she’s bid farewell to the reality show for good.

The “Love and War” singer had a get together with sister Towanda Braxton on Wednesday night and Tamar held nothing back when she spoke about how Parks got on their family’s show.

Tamar Braxton

(Paras Griffin/Getty Images/Cooper Neill/Getty Images for A+E Networks/Lifetime)

“Who’s not a Braxton, Towanda? Who? Phaedra Braxton not a Braxton?” Tamar says through an Instagram voice filter on Aug. 22. “C’mon, let’s do a toast. Let’s do a toast to the Braxton wannabes. To Phaedra Braxton … Maybe she’ll be funny and great.”

Adding more fuel to the flames, Tamar added in the caption before she removed it, “When you are not called OR ordained!! _/ have several with a seatbelt 💺🛫 #gtfoh #ifuseemeknowigotmycoin💰💸 #pettyREALbraxtons🙄.”[0]=68.ARAKi5WeUcUE4jCUtLlpncbRTYRIoZrDOzUBERfEJIj6usmtK9N7ycd36_iYyDee5QAG_v800kof873JM9eXA-VYLP8ev4sxGk5Wu3LslLGZ9yoIOT1cpaVv1IpqBgPUcehte3o&__tn__=kC-R

The post comes after Parks appeared with Traci Braxton on “Good Day New York” earlier this week to confirm she’s going to be on BFV during the second half of the sixth season.

“We just knew a DMV diva and a southern belle sweetie would cause a lot of chaos,” Parks explained. “So we’re all about it.”

Parks’ addition to the show — along with appearances from  Kym Whitley, Tiffany “New York” Pollard and Flavor Flav — comes after mom Evelyn Braxton and all the Braxton sisters excluding Traci failed to show up on set. The refusal was reportedly due to concerns over unfair payment. A more recent report says filming has since resumed but it’s not clear if the payment disparity has been settled.

Meanwhile, folks in Tamar’s comments section have been sounding off.

“We need answers??? Do you all not own the right to your own show @tamarbraxton. The fans are so confused. Love me some Phaedra but how did she become a Braxton?”

“If you need hateraide lessons [you’re] in the right place @tamarbraxton will give it to you best.”

“Phaedra Parks on the Braxton’s? Sounds thirsty to me that’s not going to work. What she going to be ur brother’s love interest lol😂”

One exchange led Tamar to confirm she’s no longer on BFV at all.

“@tamarbraxton when yours [sic] friends are on more than 1 episode it’s not a cameo anymore sis,” one user said during a back and forth about Parks’ full-time status versus making a guest appearance.

“@chrissy_natalya but the point is it wasn’t “the Braxton’s” it was MY show with MY friends!! I could give a s— really… I’m not on that show anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m here for my family support,” Tamar said in response.

Tamar Braxton


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