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10 Internet Challenges That Took Over 2017

Not a year goes by that the internet doesn’t expose the silliness and creativity of its users and 2017 was no exception. From musical sensations to some that were just downright funny, below are 10 of the years biggest Internet challenges.

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BIG SHOUTS TO @reupreedy_ .. I hear she is where we got this from. First celebs on #forthepussychallenge #forthedickchallenge Badu vs Micheal Blackson @michaelblackson @yasmin_amira_ @coldcris #erykahbadu #michealblackson (((Lyrics))) BADU : I aint doin shit for da dick• Licky Lik for da dick•. Give up my window seat for da dick• fuck it I'll eat meat for da dick• fight hurricane Maria for da dick• ride a missile from Korea for da dick• let him call me a ho FTD• baby daddy number 4 FTD• Buck a bitch in the head FTD• Fuck WOKE. I'm 💀 FTD• Suck it down to da bone FTD• let him use MY phone FTD• Motorola FTD• fuck Micheal Blackson -EBOLA FTD• caught on tape … MIKE: …not smart for da pussy • cheat on my wife-Kevin Hart for da pussy •I'll eat Pork FTP•I'll skip court FTP• I'll bleach my skin FTP• fuck a Siamese twins FTP• pledge allegiance to the flag 🇱🇷FTP• fuck a bitch on the rag FTP… ®Control Freaq Media

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For the D— Challenge

Perhaps the raunchiest challenge of the year, #FortheD challenge took off after singer Erykah Badu made her pun-filled take on it. Soon, stars like Issa Rae, Regina Hall and Gabrielle Union joined in with their takes. A male version, called “For the P—-” also cropped up, which was taken on by comedian Michael Blackson.

“Mayne” Challenge 

The “Mayne” challenge was inspired by Terrence Howard’s “Hustle & Flow” character, Djay, who said “mayne” throughout the film. Starting as an added caption to an answered request to edit Howard’s face onto a Jedi, it quickly spurred other edits and “mayne” captions. Howard even issued a response video where he said “mayne” in different scenarios and it launched even more memes.

Bow Wow Challenge 

An attempt by Shad “Bow Wow” Moss to flaunt his lavish traveling accommodations backfired when it turned out that he swooped a photo of a private jet from a transportation site. In reality, a Twitter user alleged Bow Wow took a commercial flight. The result was the #BowWowChallenge, in which Twitter users used basic items and claimed they were living in style.

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Trying to escape the sunken place #getout

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“Get Out” Challenge

This challenge was inspired by a scene in Jordan Peele’s racial satirical thriller “Get Out,” where protagonist Chris encounters a Black groundskeeper running full speed toward the camera before turning sharply. The scene was replicated by Twitter users who videoed themselves racing as fast as they could toward the person taping them. The sensation hit its peak when NBA star Steph Curry took it on.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Challenge

In a more serious challenge from 2017, actor Kevin Hart pledged $25,000 to help Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and challenged his famous pals to donate the same. As a result, stars like Chris Brown and T.I. donated $100,000 and $25,000 respectively to various charities to assist Harvey victims. The efforts led the donations to push past $1 million in just three days.

“Mask Off” Challenge

One of the most creative challenges of the year, the Mask Off Challenge was launched after Future’s single, “Mask Off,” was released. The song, featuring a sample of Tommy Butler’s 1976 song, “Prison Song,” uses a flute solo that took hold online. Twitter was filled with musical interpretations of the rap song, including violin and trumpet solos.

Nicki Minaj Challenge

Donning a floor-length wig, Nicki Minaj inspired her namesake challenge when she posted an Instagram video of her boldly proclaiming, “This is how bad b—— leave London and go to Prague,” she said in the video before twirling and walking away to board a private jet. “You b—— can’t even spell Prague.” It inspired fans to complete their own versions saying the line, including actress Zoe Kravitz.

One Chip Challenge

The “One Chip Challenge” involves participants eating a single Paqui Carolina Reaper chip, which includes the world’s hottest pepper — the Ghost pepper — as one of its ingredients. Consumers must eat the chip on camera and celebs and everyday folks alike took in on. Stars like Shaquille O’Neal and John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen took on the challenge to hilarious results.

Hell Challenge

Popular among teens, the Hell Challenge saw young folks asking their mother if “hell” is a curse word, using it in a sentence and seeing how she reacts. The results usually saw mothers admonishing their kids through text message or smacking them upside the head if the conversation happened in person.

Tyrese Challenge 

Singer Tyrese Gibson’s famous friends all playfully roasted him during this Internet challenge. Launched by comic Deon Cole, soon Kevin Hart and Lance Gross chimed in, too. The goal is to sound like the “Sweet Lady” singer while saying something “very sincere” —Cole discussed the accomplishment of waking up in the morning. But Tyrese soon got tired of the jokes and called on his celeb pals to knock it off.


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