Black Musicians Share Their Amazing Takes on Future’s Single with ‘Mask Off Challenge’

If you thought hip-hop was only focused around trap beats and 808s, think again because talented Black musicians are sharing their takes of Future’s newest single with the viral “Mask Off Challenge.”

“Mask Off” is from Future’s self-titled album, which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Chart, and samples Tommy Butler’s 1976 song, “Prison Song.” The flute portion of Future’s single, largely consisting of the rapper repeating “Percocets, Molly, Percocets,” spurred dozens of musicians to issue their own interpretations.

Some replaced the flute with strings, resulting in a more classical sound and some unique improvisations.

Others had a jazzier take.

The “Mask Off Challenge” even got some love from the steelpan.

Some opted to keep the original instrumentation of “Mask Off” and showed off their flute playing skills.

Not all versions included hand-held instruments. One innovative person decided to let his vocals take over the entire song.

The clips led many Twitter users to applaud the “Mask Off Challenge” participants.

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