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Jordan Peele Responds to ‘Get Out’ Being a Contender As Musical or Comedy at Golden Globes

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Daniel Kaluuya as Chris in “Get Out,” which is Jordan Peele’s directorial debut. (Universal)

“Get Out” is among the films likely to appear as a nominee at the Golden Globes next year, but the category it’s vying for is puzzling fans. However, the film’s director, Jordan Peele, seemed to take the report in stride. Universal, the racial satire flick’s distributor, confirmed to Entertainment Weekly Tuesday, Nov. 14 that “Get Out” would be submitted as a musical/comedy at the Golden Globes.

A source told the website that the movie’s production company Blumhouse put it for consideration as a comedy. EW also reported the submission could mean lead actor Daniel Kaluuya may score an acting nomination.

While Peele may have tweeted a sarcastic take on the news…

…many have been clashing over whether or not the film should be considered for the category.

Several have pointed out the film’s themes aren’t comical.

Some feel the uproar over the “musical or comedy” submission is unnecessary, noting that as a satire, it does work for the category.

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Plus, the submission means “Get Out” is an awards contender.

Opening at no. 1 at the box office this spring with $33.4 million, the “Get Out” focused on a Black boyfriend meeting his white girlfriend’s family for the first time, which lead to some frightening results. It is the directorial debut of former “Key and Peele” star Jordan Peele, who became the first Black writer-director to make $100 million on a film.

Check Atlanta Black Star for nominees at the 75th Golden Globe Awards, which will be announced Monday, Dec. 11. The show will air live on NBC Sunday, Jan. 7 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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