The-Dream Thinks Jay Z and Others Should Meet Trump and ‘Report Back to Us’

The-Dream (@thekingdream/Instagram)

The-Dream (@thekingdream/Instagram)

Singer-songwriter The-Dream is speaking out about collaborator Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump, and the hitmaker — born Terius Youngdell Nash — revealed he supported the troubled rapper’s decision and thought everyone should do the same so that Black people will know the president-elect’s plans.

“Jay Z should go next,” Dream said to the Associated Press. “Everybody should so you can come back and report to us and let us know what’s going on. We need briefings, too. Eventually, ‘Ye is going to tell — whatever that is. And we know ‘Ye is blacker than Black. You cannot not go and see him. You can’t. It’s the same thing when the police shootings happened. I asked Jay to meet with every police chief that he could because that’s the only way. Being a leader means you still have to shake that person’s hand.”

While rapper Common also shared The-Dream’s support of the West-Trump talk, it contrasted sharply with the disappointment John Legend expressed earlier this week. Atlanta Black Star reported Legend called the meeting a publicity stunt.

Still, The-Dream’s assertion of West’s commitment to the community may be questionable considering the MC’s complaints about Black people being “distracted” by racism. But the hitmaker also shared some insight into West’s state of mind following his release from the hospital earlier this month.

“This isn’t a good time of year for anyone who has lost someone,” Dream said. “I lost my mom on the 23rd of December in 1992. Her birthday is on December 1. That’s why people commit suicide around Thanksgiving and Christmas because that’s the time when families come together. I’m not a psychologist, but I’ve dealt with it long enough to know that he cannot be thinking about that. He has to be thinking about his mom at this particular point. Once he gets into the new year, he’ll be all right.”

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