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Common Supports Kanye West Over Trump Meeting Despite Public Backlash

While the public and musician John Legend dismissed rapper Kanye West’s meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, fellow Chicago rapper Common said he supports West as a friend, no matter what.

During a short chat with TMZ on Dec. 14, Common said that West is “family” and that whatever he chooses to do is all right with him. However, the rapper said he doesn’t believe the Tuesday meeting will actually solve any “multicultural issues,” insisting that real change must come from the people.

“A lot of the change we are looking for is going to happen from the people,” Common tells the reporter. “The power is in the people. It’s going to be us to, like, really galvanize, no matter what color you are. We got to start looking out for one another, start economically supporting each other.”

Ultimately, Common said that unity among the people is what will force the government to take notice and make changes. He expressed particular concern about the number of Black people imprisoned in America. “Then, you know, holding politicians accountable,” he says. “Finding out what’s going on with mass incarceration [to] change some of these laws that are jailing people.”

Despite feeling that the meeting served no real purpose, Common said it didn’t change his relationship with and feelings for West.

“To answer your question, Kanye, that’s my guy,” he says. “That’s my homie and that’s going to always be my brother.”

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