Kanye West Hospitalized for Psychiatric Evaluation Right After 9th Anniversary of Mother’s Death

image via twitter
image via twitter

Kanye West has been hospitalized and put under psychiatric evaluation after he was said to be acting “erratically” at his trainer’s house in Los Angeles. This comes after West voiced his support for president-elect Donald Trump, ranted about Beyonce and Jay Z, then cancelled the final 21 dates of his “Saint Pablo” tour.

On the fire department’s dispatch call, obtained by TMZ, the responders can be heard saying that they are responding to a “psychiatric emergency.”

When the first responders arrived, West was reportedly much calmer, but the police and his management team decided it would be best if he went for the mental health evaluation, even though he did not want to. He was handcuffed to the gurney, as is protocol, according to TMZ.

The responses of people on Twitter vary from sincere well-wishing to outright laughter at his pain.

Some think his mental health troubles are funny and worthy of jokes.

Others noted that making jokes at a time like this is morally reprehensible.

One user wanted to draw a parallel between Britney Spears’ infamous breakdown when she shaved her head to Kanye West today.

Some more famous people wanted to make sure they made a bigger point, even though they also wished him well.

Kanye West’s mother, Donda West, died Nov. 10, 2007, from complications after some elective plastic surgery procedures. He has said in his music that he was depressed and suicidal after her death, and in interviews that he feels responsible. When asked what in his life he has sacrificed for his massive level of success, West told Q Magazine, simply, “My mom.”

He elaborated: “If I had never moved to L.A., she’d be alive. I don’t want to go far into it because it will bring me to tears.”

Though many have speculated that his ongoing outbursts, rants and odd behavior stem from his mother’s untimely death, many others do not seem to care what the cause is. They just want the rapper to get better soon.

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