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Social Media Has a Lot to Say About Ciara’s Son Calling His Stepdad Russell Wilson ‘Papa’

Ciara and Russell Wilson wed in an ultra-private English ceremony last week and the two have formed a happy family with baby Future Zahir. A video surfaced of the 1-year-old – whose father is Ciara’s ex-fiancé rapper Future – kissing his mother, Ciara and then calls for a kiss from Wilson, whom he calls “Papa.” The clip streamed on Wilson’s Facebook page Monday as the footballer got a haircut for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards. Many believed his new nickname crossed the line. It put Twitter in an uproar.

User @Lili_StayMobbin thought the post was disrespectful, pointing to Ciara as the culprit. Though she was not the one who shared it online.

A user by the name of July Alsina thought young Future should only call Wilson by his first name.

While Frank Lucas thought Ciara allowing her son to call the athlete “papa” meant she was “petty.”

But not everyone thought the title was problematic.

Kami thought the name was a sign of Wilson’s impact on baby Future’s life.

Melanie LaBeija said Wilson is essentially the lone father figure in baby Future’s life so “papa” is a fitting reference.

@RLCE_ called out Future for not stepping up enough for his child.

While the official relationship between stepson and stepdad has social media divided, Wilson has been embracing their bond more than ever. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback revealed to Extra his stepson wore a custom-made Giorgio Armani suit which matched the groom’s wedding tux.

The duo’s love doesn’t stop at complimentary outfits. Wilson gushed about his relationship with Cici’s son to People magazine, explaining he loves baby Future – whom he calls Little Man – as if he were his own.

“I think ultimately, the one thing I can say about being a step-dad and any person that’s a parent – but especially when you come into a new situation – the key is loving the child as your own,” Wilson said. “That’s the biggest thing.”

That doesn’t mean Wilson is not open to expanding the family and having children of his own with Ci-Ci.

“I want to have a bunch of kids – me and Ci do,” he added. “I think that ever since the first day I ever met Ciara and Little Man, too, it’s been really cool and really special.”

The newlywed also praised his wife’s parenting skills, revealing he is involved in his step son’s bedtime routine.

“Ciara’s such a great mom. She reads to him every night. I read to him too,” he shared. “And we just share so many special moments together. That’s what family is all about. Ultimately, it’s about giving back and loving as much as you can to your fullest. That’s what you’re able to do together.”

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