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Future Opens Up About Ex-Fiancé Ciara, Explains Why ‘Lean’ Drink is ‘Relaxing’

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

Rapper Future is opening up about his soured relationship with R&B singer Ciara in a new interview, and his feelings on his ex-fiance may surprise fans. Plus, the star delves into why he calls “lean” – a drink mixed with codeine cough syrup and soda – “relaxing.”

Despite the formerly engaged couple’s custody battle over son Future Zahir Wilburn, the Atlanta native revealed he does not have ill will towards the “Dance Like We’re Making Love” performer.

He told Rolling Stone he would never wish for Ciara to fail.

“Her being successful, her being happy, helps me.” Adding, “I’m attached to you. If you’re happy, I’m happy. You’re connected for life. I don’t want you to go through this shit and for it to come back on my son, my kid. I want you to be in the best situation.”

But the custody drama is something he “can’t deal with.” According to Atlanta Black Star, the latest development in the case in May saw a judge deny Ciara’s wishes for sole custody. Instead, the two were granted joint custody of their 1-year-old son.

“I can’t even think about it. I never imagined my life would be like that: ‘I’m going to sue you and take away from you.’ I don’t know how to deal with something like that,” he told RS, revealing his solution is to focus on making music. “All I know is record, record, record, record.”

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

The new normal between Future and Ciara also means trying to get used to her fiancé, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson being heavily involved in baby Future’s life.

“It’s something that’ll take more time for me,” he told the magazine. “It ain’t even about [him] playing daddy. I don’t even want to think about it. That’s my son forever. My son is going to be able to read this. He’s going to be able to look at those pictures. He’s going to be able to have a judgment for himself, and have a conversation with me man-to-man. That’s my blood. He is me. I am him. We is one.”

Something else Future may be “one” with is “lean” or what he has coined, “dirty Sprite.” The term served as the name for his 2011 breakout mixtape, “Dirty Sprite.” “DS2” followed in 2014, with an abbreviated name of its predecessor in order to quell the soda’s investors.

“At first, it wasn’t something that I loved,” he said. “It wasn’t till I discovered what I loved about it. Some people take drugs and they don’t understand the high. They take it just to be high.”

The substance gives Future a way to ease his anxiety.

He told the magazine “it started making me more relaxed. Sometimes you experience anxiety, and it did me some good for that. I don’t feel like I ever abused it. I used it for what I felt was needed.”

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