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Ciara Pregnancy Rumors Die Down Thanks to Champagne Photo

Ciara pregnancy rumors continue flyingRumors were flying that R&B singer Ciara was pregnant with Future’s baby, however, a new photo on Instagram has everyone second-guessing just how accurate the rumors really are.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but in Ciara’s case we only care about three – She’s Not Pregnant?

Ciara was spotted hanging with her rapper boyfriend’s exes quite frequently and when she started wearing loosely fitted clothing the baby bump rumors went into full effect.

While Ciara has not publicly addressed the rumors, a picture of her that Future posted suggests that Ciara might not actually be pregnant.

The Instagram picture shows the songstress with a champagne glass in her hand, and as we all know alcohol and pregnancy do not mix.

The “I’m Out” singer also doesn’t appear to have gained any weight in her face and after months of pregnancy rumors, fans were expecting to see a major weight gain by now.

Ciara pregnancy rumorsDespite the photo, which seems to toss the pregnancy rumors out the door, there are still some cynical readers out there who don’t believe that this is enough evidence to get the baby-bump images out of their heads.

Some comments on the photo suggested that there was a reason the picture did not show Ciara’s mid-section, while others pointed out that there could be juice in her champagne glass and not an alcoholic beverage.

The picture is very similar to the picture Beyonce posted when rumors of a second pregnancy were swirling around her.

Queen Bey was cuddling in Jay Z’s lap with a glass of wine in her hands and immediately the BeyHive let go of the notion that Beyonce was hiding a baby bump.

Perhaps Ciara was hoping that this photo would have the same impact on her pregnancy rumors.

Either way, at this point it seems like only time will tell whether or not Ciara is really on her way to becoming a new mommy.

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