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Future Calls Ciara a ‘Real Woman’ For Embracing His Children’s Mothers

Rapper Future is singing the praises of his fiancee Ciara for accepting his children and their mothers into her life.

Hollywood has become the leading example of blended families. From the best case example, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith to the worst case of Charlie Sheen and his children’s mothers Brooke Muellar and Denise Richards.

But Ciara, who has been chided on social media for accepting a proposal from Future who reportedly has five children with several women, isn’t allowing the critics to damage her blended family.

The “Body Part” singer was photographed recently posing next to two of Future’s exes who were also invited to his concert. Not surprisingly, social media didn’t embrace the singer’s effort to promote inclusion, but instead reminded her that the rapper has five children.

On Monday morning, Future stopped by the Rickey Smiley Show and had nothing but praises for his fiancee:

“Man, her personality.  Even with being at the concert yesterday, I had my kids, I had my kids’ moms and she just catered to everybody. Just showing everyone hospitality. I mean you can’t get a girl that just get along with your kids’ moms and get along with your mom that can just mingle with your family and bringing everybody together and just want that to happen. Sometimes they just want to beef and bring or split everybody apart. But she’s the kind of person she want everyone in the same room.

“That’s a real woman. You call the kids and you check up on them. We’ll bring them over and want to spend time with them. Sometimes when you already have kids before you’re in a relationship, a girl that just like despise your kids don’t even want them around. They’re jealous of your kids. She never showed that trait before.”

In a separate  interview with Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 radio, Future confirmed he has three children with three different women. He identified one of the three women in a widely circulated photo as his sister.

“My sister, she took a picture with my kid’s mother. My sister was in the picture and [they said], ‘It’s one of his five baby mamas.’ Everybody thinks I got five baby mamas. [I have] three.

‘I have three kids. My son, he’s 11. My little girl, she’s 4. I have a 1-year-old, My boy Prince.”

When quizzed about Ciara’s rumored baby bump, he answered: “Everything is going according to planned.”

Should women be more wary of men who have children with several women?

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