Beyonce Leaves Pregnancy Rumors in the Dust With One Photo

Rumors of another Beyonce pregnancy have been officially shut down after Bey posted a picture of herself on Instagram, cuddled with husband Jay-Z  and sipping a glass of red wine.

As we reported several times before, it seemed like many of the tabloids were putting too much faith in anonymous sources who swore to them that Queen Bey was pregnant with Blue Ivy’s new sibling.

The new pic on Instagram suggests that Mrs. Carter does not have another baby on the way because she certainly wouldn’t be sipping wine if she was pregnant.

Now that Bey has posted the picture, perhaps people will realize that all the signs of a second Beyonce baby on the way had perfectly logical explanations that didn’t point to pregnancy.

The alleged baby bump that was seen when Queen Bey slipped into her glittering bodysuit? Simply a weird camera angle that we debunked before.

What about her baby bump-hiding dress at the Met Gala? We’re pretty sure Mrs. Carter didn’t pick out a dress that extravagant in a matter of days because of some pregnancy rumors. It was simply a very Beyonce-ish dress that happened to not fit tightly around her tummy.

What about banning professional media photographers from her concerts? Bey’s publicist was so upset about the “unflattering” Beyonce photos that surfaced from the 2013 Super Bowl, that this time Bey’s crew wanted to make sure that only her best side would hit the Web.

Looks like E! News staff will have some apologizing to do after they released a story saying that Beyonce’s pregnancy had been “confirmed” when all they had were more anonymous sources, just like everyone else.

We would also like to point out that this is exactly the type of Beyonce response to rumors that had us feeling suspicious about that supposed pregnancy denial on Instagram.

While Bey has her diva moments (and she has a lot of them), she would never slam her fans as lowlifes nor does she ever directly address rumors in that manner.

She sends much more subtle messages that you might not even catch.


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