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Ciara Sparks Even More Pregnancy Rumors With Mysterious Baby Bump

Ciara and future expecting a baby? Ciara flaunted a mysteriously bloated belly as she hit the stage for Abu Dhabi’s “Beats on the Beach” festival along with rap star Ludacris, which only sparked more rumors that the R&B songstress is pregnant.

Ciara has got to be on everybody’s top 10 list for the best R&B bodies in the business, so when she seemed to have a slight bump when she hit the stage everyone immediately pulled out the secret pregnancy card.

In addition to the slight bump, CiCi isn’t exactly known for having a big butt, but she was certainly flaunting one over the weekend.

Not to mention her boo’s incredibly vague answer when he was asked if his fiancee was pregnant.

“A rumor is a rumor,” Future said when confronted about the pregnancy rumors during an interview with 93.7’s Jenny Boom Boom.

We’re also used to seeing Ciara showing off her rock hard abs at least once during her performances, so keeping her body wrapped up for this show was a little suspicious, but not enough to prove the pregnancy rumors.

At one point Ciara did change up her outfits and her stomach did seem a bit flatter in the next getup.

Ciara pregnant rumors Could the mysterious baby bump really just be caused by her first shirt fitting strangely?

With the embellishments on the front of the tank top it is likely that the weight of the design was just pulling forward and created the illusion of a baby bump, but only time will tell.

If a little CiCi really is in her near future (no pun intended), she’ll have to make the announcement eventually.

The media world has become undeniably good at figuring out which stars are hiding a bun in the oven. For example, Kerry Washington didn’t even have to show off a baby bump before rumors spread that she was pregnant and that was tipped off only by the fact that she was wearing loose gowns on the red carpet.

Ciara’s pregnancy rumors sparked shortly after she became engaged to her rapper fiance and began rocking her 15-carat engagement ring – which matches the size of the ring that Kanye West gave to his fiancee Kim Kardashian when he proposed.

In fact, the size of the ring isn’t all Ciara has in common with Kim. In addition to the obvious fact that she is also preparing to get married to a rapper, she was also proposed to on her birthday.

Who would have thought both of the rappers could have such a romantic side to them despite their less- than-romantic lyrics about women in their music.

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