‘His Wife Ain’t Tripping’: Fans Say Steve Harvey Looked Ready to ‘Risk It All’ After Gushing Over Megan Thee Stallion Amid Rumors His Wife Marjorie Had a Side Piece

Steve Harvey agrees with fans that Meagan Thee Stallion is a tall order of legs, hips, and body. The comedian found himself having a knee-jerk reaction to a response the Houston hottie gave on “Celebrity Family Feud,” and now social media is buzzing with reactions.

“Name something that might be curvy,” said Steve as Megan stood at the podium in the July 9 episode. With little hesitation, she responded, “Me. Ooh, my body” and repeated dings of a bell and applause for her answer rang out. Among those who supported her quick wit was Steve.

Steve Harvey loses it over Megan Thee Stallion’s curves on “Celebrity Family Feud” as fans bring up his wife Marjorie Harvey. (Photos: Marjorie_harvey/Instagram; Theestallion/Instagram.)

The 67-year-old rapidly clapped his hands, and he stepped away from her to face the audience. His facial expression humorously read the same as someone who experienced the joy of a blessing. With his eyes closed, he nodded his head, mouthed words, and clenched his fist, further playing out all too familiar scenes of churchgoers rejoicing during a Sunday sermon.

As the audience continued to roar, the “Savage” rapper posed and strutted, showing off a curvaceous figure that was styled in red leather pants and matching corset bustier top.

By the time the host regained any semblance of composure, Steve said, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what—” as Megan then asked, “Can I say that?” He told her, “Yes. You might as well. I don’t know why I clapped.”

The clip circulated on Instagram, where a user jokingly wrote, “Steve bout to risk it all for another wife.” Another wisecrack about his enthusiastic response to Megan’s “Body Ody” read, “Marjorie finna cuss him tf outtt.”

His marriage to wife Marjorie Harvey was a reccurring theme in the hundreds of reactions. The couple celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary with an intimate vacation. The pair had shared joint posts featuring photos from their time out of the country amid months of speculation about that relationship being in turmoil.

Marjorie has been ridiculed over a rumor that she cheated with one of her husband’s chefs and a bodyguard. The TV judge has spoken out against the claims, calling them false and reassuring fans that their marriage is tighter than ever because of the salacious hearsay. This union marked his third attempt at getting love right.

Still, someone commented, “U can look Steve, your wife got a side n—ga anyway.” Others fans were certain that Marjorie has a sense of humor that wouldn’t allow the viral moment to reflect her real life. “I know even his wife had to laugh at this,” read another comment. While one user gave the fashionista her props when they wrote, “His wife ain’t tripping she look good too fr lol.”

In the end, Megan’s answer was not only correct but took the number one spot on the board, netting her team 48 points. The opposing team led by singer Ne-Yo tried their luck at using her body as an answer during the game but did not find success. Her successful run on the show led her to walk away with a $25,000 prize for a charity of her choice.

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