‘That’s 3 Kids Now’: Anthony Edwards Exposed By Woman Who Claims She Secretly Birthed His Son Months Before Longtime Girlfriend Gave Birth

Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards has been accused of fathering multiple children with multiple women over a short time frame.

The 22-year-old is preparing for his first Olympic Games in Paris as a member of Team USA’s basketball roster at the same time that a woman going by Ally D on Instagram has unleashed a flurry of scathing posts accusing Edwards of being an absentee father to her son.

The story about his alleged love child unraveled after Ally appeared to be provoked to provide receipts detailing their history with each other. In her Instagram Story, she posted alleged texts between her and Edwards, where she inquired about the number of children he had in November.

“Dis was in November when I been knew he had a little girl before our son, literally a month before,” said Ally. “But see how I always kept it ‘P.’ Literally said congrats on the one on da way. So that’s 3 kids now.”

At the time, his longtime girlfriend Shannon was pregnant. He confirmed to Ally that he was expecting a daughter, Aislynn, who was born in March.

Anthony Edwards and his longtime girlfriend Shannon welcomed a daughter in March. (Photos: @courtureinc2/Instagram)

According to Ally, their son was born three months prior, but the pregnancy and birth were not publicized in the media. “I’ve been nun but a great mom and a cool mf I let y’all talk what yall wanna say for MONTHS I’m such a peaceful mf I even prayed for the other children cause end of the day them my sons siblings,” she wrote.

Ally further claimed that she endured Edwards’ harassment and being disparaged, although he is not known to have mentioned her publicly. “I’ve been harassed and talked about so mf poorly over a person who I legit don’t even speak about nor care to m. Mind yall, I I ain’t under no NDA nun I just choose to raise my child and go about my d—n life … idk why yall let a weak lawyer spin narratives into this it’s sad at this point,” she wrote.

The woman also showed a redacted copy of a DNA test, alluding to the basketball star being confirmed as the father of her child, but claimed he has not stepped up as such. The new mom declared that “only BUMS dont claim there children lying about kids etc is sick in the head a WRONG.”

More screenshots of text messages allegedly showed Edwards expressing that he loved Ally and was apologetic for how he had been acting, though it is unclear what those problematic behaviors may have been.

Woman claims Anthony Edwards is the father of her eight-month-old son. (Photos: Iamallyd/Instagram.)

“All this mf had to do was leave me out the bs and [cop car emoji] stuff foreal im such a peaceful person but when it comes to any son im not about to keep letting the BS keep going period,” read another unrelenting post. Despite having only one post of two selfies on her timeline, she opted to share an image of her son in her Story, dubbing the 8-month-old Edwards’ twin.

Before ending the exposé, Ally dropped another bombshell claiming Edwards recently welcomed a third child with another mystery woman. “Our son 8 months… Kids were not born the same time just a few months apart. One little girl in September then our son October then he just had one,” the post read.

In her comments, a range of reactions to the web of tales of Edwards’ alleged gallivanting can be observed. “Ant no longer gonna be the face of the league cause of u,” said one person, who believed the messy situation would be the athlete’s undoing.

“The baby is his twin. He had nerve asking for a paternity test. I feel like that 35 year old baby mama is behind a lot of this,” read another comment.

A third person asked, “Are you surprised a boy 10 years younger than you is a deadbeat wh*re? what did you expect? rainbows and flowers????”

Ally responded that she is only 24 and that the third unidentified woman should have been tagged instead of her.

Edwards has shied away from sharing his personal life on social media. His last post, a highlight reel of this past NBA season, was shared on June 25. However, his girlfriend, Shannon, who also goes by Janine Robell, posted a photo of Edwards and their daughter sleeping side by side in bed as Ally’s own narrative about the basketball player began to circulate.

Last December, Instagram model Paige Jordae exposed Edwards for what she claimed was him paying her $100,000 to abort a pregnancy. Damning alleged texts showed a person believed to be Edwards demanding a video of Paige taking medication to terminate the pregnancy.

Edwards later released a statement seemingly confirming the situation and that he made his forceful remarks “in the heat of the moment.” He has not further addressed the scandal or spoken about his known daughter to the media.

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