‘Somebody Keep a Eye on That Raft!!’: Fans Believe Diddy Is ‘Planning His Escape’ As Cryptic Message from Mother Of His Youngest Child Raises Eyebrows

Sean “Diddy” Combs is steering far away from the glare of paparazzi flashes as he continues to be the subject of ongoing investigations into his alleged past of abuse and sexual misconduct.

The mogul was nowhere to be found when his daughter Chance, 17, whom he shares with ex Sarah Chapman, celebrated her high school graduation in June in Los Angeles. And neither was he present for his teenage twin daughters Jessie and D’Lila’s prom sendoff back in May.

However, he has still managed to have fun and seek out new thrills amidst the numerous scandals surrounding his marred legacy as one of entertainment’s most prominent playboys.

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Fans suspect Diddy of planning his escape after he was seen on a water boat with Dana Tran, the mother of his youngest daughter, Love. (Photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage)

Photographers happened to catch Diddy, Dana Tran, another associate, and a guide as they whitewater rafted at Jackson Hole in Wyoming over the weekend of June 29-30.

The Bad Boy Record impresario was spotted keeping a low profile while wearing a black hat during the excursion.

The daring outing has led many to speculate about his next move as he faces the seemingly nonstop fallout from a decade-old video of him abusing ex-girlfriend Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura surfacing in June and a federal agency raid on his homes in Los Angeles and Miami in April.

Diddy is photographed whitewater rafting amid mounting legal troubles alleging years of abuse and sexual misconduct. (Photos: TMZ via Joy.Of.Everything/TikTok)

Those who anticipate the New York businessman facing charges for his alleged crimes that have been laid out in multiple lawsuits filed against him have theorized that he is making the most of his remaining time as a free man. “Well, I would knock off some things on my bucket list too if I was facing major time,” an individual wrote when rafting footage was shared by blogger Tasha K.

“I’ve seen so much crazy stuff maybe he’s going to accidentally disappear on that raft to elude charges,” another person wrote, alluding to a more nefarious plot at play. A third person suggested, “Someone apprehend that man he’s going to fake his death and move to Bali watch.”

Speculators were convinced that Diddy had already fled to the Indonesian province when the heinous view of him hitting, stomping, and dragging Cassie through a hotel hallway was publicized.

The violent incident took place in 2015, when he allegedly paid $50,000 to keep the evidence of his abuse from surfacing. It is unclear how the content was obtained before being published by CNN, though some speculate it was seized during raids of his homes.

In a video posted to Instagram, he took responsibility for battering the “Me & U” singer, whom he dated for a decade until their breakup in 2018. Cassie sued him for years of abuse, alleged rape, and more in November.

The suit was settled for an undisclosed amount less than 24 hours later. Diddy maintained that those claims and others laid out in subsequent filings — such as allegations of sex and drug trafficking — were false and that other plaintiffs are looking for an easy payday.

The exotic aesthetic of his home shown in the background led to rampant rumors that he filmed the apology in Bali, though it was later confirmed that he was in Miami. He previously faced claims of trying to evade authorities when Homeland Security agents entered his homes in search of electronics.

At the time that his sons, Christian, whom he shares with ex Misa Hylton, and Justin Combs, whom he shard with ex Kim Porter, were restrained at his L.A. residence, Diddy was confronted by authorities at a Miami airport. He was reportedly going through customs before taking a pre-planned spring break trip.

Others were stunned that, despite being ostracized from his celebrity associates, Tran has remained by his side. The two share a daughter, Love, who was born in 2022. Despite recent hearsay that he and the first-time mother had eloped, US Magazine confirmed that the former billionaire is still an eligible bachelor.

Amid her baby’s father’s legal troubles, she has limited comments but continues to post moments of herself with their daughter. Simultaneously, as theories about Diddy planning his great escape were spread, she posted a cryptically timed meme in her Instagram Story that read, “People are walking around every day hanging on by a thread. Be kind or be quiet.”

Diddy, on the other hand, has removed every social media post from his Instagram. It is unclear if he is gearing up for a theorized rebrand or attempting to remove his past from the public eye.

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