‘Gary Was Tripping Not Keeping That’: Gary Owen’s Ex-Wife Kenya Duke Shares Busty Thirst Trap Online, Fans Tag the Comedian In Her Comments to Come See

If physical attraction were the ultimate key to keeping a man, then Gary Owen’s fans would never understand why he decided to leave his wife, Kenya Duke, after 18 years of marriage.

The mother of three has male suitors biting their lips and shooting their shot at her after showing off her bust and midriff in a sexy selfie. The “Truly Kenya Podcast” host gave her followers an eyeful with the June 27 post.

Gary Owen’s fans say he fumbled ex-wife Kenya Duke after she posted busty thirst trap on Instagram. (Photos: @garyowencomedy/Instagram, @trulykenya/Instagram)

“Every good day starts with @skims This is a scoop bra and of course matching panty My favorite collection is the fits everybody A quick little selfie before we started,” read her caption. Duke disclosed that the post was an ad for Kim Kardashian’s clothing brand, which she has supported on social media with other risqué posts since 2022.

The “Truly Kenya” podcast host and Owen were together for nearly two decades when they split in 2021. Prior to their divorce, she did not shy away from showing off her well-maintained figure in bathing suits and tops that accented her chest full of curves.

However, with their divorce finalized three years ago and the comedian now engaged to the mother of his infant twin sons, Brianna Johnson, social media users can’t seem to grapple with the fact that he let Duke get away. 

“Kenya always had them Tiggo Bitties. Gary was trippin not keepin that,” wrote someone fawning over her photo.

Another like-minded individual commented, “Every time you post I just have to smh at Gary #BigFumbleNotTheLittleOne.” While a third male follower declared, “That man did not deserve to touch you. But i do lord jesus i need this woman so bad.”

Duke’s fans may be reveling in their perception of how good the “Think Like a Man” actor had it, but she has clearly moved on. She has remained mum about her intimate life as a single woman but has not minced words about her ex.

Despite claiming that she has made an effort to remain cordial with the comic, she lashed out over remarks he made during a May “Club Shay Shay” appearance. During the interview, Owen spoke about his infidelity and the divorce being contributing factors to his estrangement from his and Duke’s three adult children.

“@garyowencomedy it has been 3 years. I am always kind and cool with you. I purposely, never make it awkward. I never bother you. I have given you my suggestions on the situation but you don’t respect their boundaries. Which is why you discussed this again on social media. I don’t know what else to do to help you. Always wishing you well,” she wrote on Instagram.

During that same interview, Owen gloated about cheating with multiple women after a 2006 comedy show — a story he has also shared during his live sets since the divorce. He alleged that friend and comedy peer Katt Williams helped him to discreetly indulge in temptation by paying off a limo driver.

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