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‘The ONLY Thing I Want to Hear Him Say is SORRY’: Derrick Jaxn Says He Had No Idea Letting His Ex-Wife Da’Naia Speak Her Truth In Bonnet Would Backfire, Regrets Putting Her In Spotlight

Social media influencer Derrick Jaxn has spoken out about the viral moment that he and his former wife had after he was caught cheating. The relationship expert admitted on the “Love You Moore” podcast that he wishes he would have never included his then-wife in his apology video.

When host Willie Moore asked him whose idea it was to have her speak on screen even though she was not a “camera person,” he said it was his … a decision he regrets.

Jaxn said that the couple talked about it, but he “allowed her to be in that moment.”

“I never should have,” he admits.

The reason he said that she should have stopped the now spoofed moment was because the two had just had a homegoing service for the man he considered his father 48 hours prior.

“I told you, my stepdad, he passed away two years ago. This was like at his passover when all this stuff originally was kind of going viral,” Jaxn revealed. “So, we rushed back home and then we did the video. She basically just had the mindset of ‘Hey, I’m still with you. Everything that’s coming out, you already told me… I’m gonna stand with you in public.”

He said in “hindsight” if he “had known” what would come from her appearance on his clip, he would have protected her by keeping her off camera.

Jaxn married Da’Naia Jackson after meeting her when she was 19 at Tuskegee University. The two were married in 2018 but divorced in 2022 after his philandering ways were leaked to the public.

While many men cheat, Jaxn gained influence with Black women by sharing “game” with them on how cheating Black men behave and how they should not stand for it.

Once he was put on blast for cheating on his wife, he decided to make a video. Da’Naia wore a beret that people called a hair bonnet and fiercely defended her husband. But as fierce as her defense was, the jokes, the mockery, and the visceral disdain were even more intense.

On the “Love You Moore” podcast, Jaxn explains where his head was at the time.

“I would have never let her be a part of that moment. My thought process was ‘OK, this ain’t just my experience no more. This is our family. We are married. It’s something I did to her, you know. She needs to have a voice if she wants a voice. She needs to have a voice and then she could speak for herself, instead of me speaking again for her and leaving her voiceless.”

He did not realize all of the things that would come her way

Jaxson said, “I didn’t know what was going to come. I guess I should have. Either way, I didn’t put her in position to win.”

Fans had a lot of things to say about his revelation on Moore’s Instagram.

“Allowed her to be in that moment? The possessiveness alone makes me cringe.”

‘The ONLY Thing I Want to Hear Him Say is SORRY.’

“He needs to be cancelled. Really ladies are you getting relationship advice from this.”

“Ion even know what he’s talking about…it just feels like lies.”

“This ain’t it! I stand with the wife! She laid it ALL out on dear future wifey!”

Da’Naia took to the “Dear Future Wifey” podcast to talk about the relationship and exposed all the ways he “allegedly” had her twisted into being the perfect wife for the perfect man.

One fan felt more sympathy in 2023 than he did years ago when she was riding for her man with the hair covering.

“The more I find out about Da’naia Jackson, the less funny the ‘Bonnet of Salvation’ jokes become. That man did a NUMBER on her. My GAWD.”

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