Wale Sets the Record Straight Amid Rumors Diddy ‘Dangled’ Him Over a Balcony

Rapper Wale seemingly has responded to claims that he was left dangling over a balcony by Sean “Diddy” Combs. 

Over the weekend, the “Lotus Flower Bomb” artist Wale, whose real name is Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, shared a cryptic message on X – formerly known as Twitter. 

Wale seemingly responds to rumors that he's Cassie's 'friend' whom Diddy dangled off of of balcony.
Wale seemingly responds to rumors that he’s Cassie’s ‘friend’ whom Diddy dangled off a balcony. (Left) Wale (Pictured: @wale/X) (Middle) Cassie (Pictured: @cassie/Instagram) (Right) Diddy (Pictured: @diddy/Instagram)

His first post read, “The slow demise of authentic journalism … I use to pray for gullible … now I’m scared of em.” Wale also reacted to another account user who wrote, “They be itching for a story, not even caring about how it’ll affect someone . Wild trash.” 

The 39-year-old continued, “Wild times…”

Although his now-deleted posts were indirect, many commenters underneath The Neighborhood Tallk’s Instagram repost connected his remarks to a recent lawsuit filed by Diddy’s ex, Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura, in which she alleges a decade’s worth of verbal and physical abuse.

The suit reveals a “severely intoxicated” Combs “at one point during the night, picked up one of Ms. Ventura’s friends like a child and dangled the friend over the balcony of the 17th floor hotel suite.”

One handler wrote, “I’m confused, is it journalism or was it an eyewitness having a conversation saying what he saw.” Another person penned, “He probably embarrassed no man what’s to be dangled by another man and for everyone to find out.” 

Cassie’s lawsuit was filed last week, accusing the music mogul Diddy of rape along with a decade-long history of abuse. The “Me & U” artist included several examples that support her alleged claims, including the balcony incident.

Per the 35-page civil suit, the incident happened in 2015 after Diddy suggested that his former artist partake in one of his infamous “freak offs” aka “FO” during her 29th birthday. 

The lawsuit states, “Ms. Ventura and her friends were scared by Mr. Combs’s erratic behavior, but Ms. Ventura was heavily sedated because of the drugs she took to participate in the FO, and therefore was unable to respond to Mr. Comb’s terrifying behavior.” 

While Cassie’s friend remained nameless throughout the document, a video of another rapper claiming he witnessed Diddy hang Wale over an outside balcony by his feet made waves online. 

Three days ago, D.C. YouTuber Ant Glizzy shared a storytime video titled, “The Diddy & Cassie Beef Wale Got Put Over The Balcony (True Story.),” which now has nearly 45,000 views. 

At mark 3:37, he explained, “Wale was already telling us, ‘Man, we boutta go to the studio with Cassie. Man, Diddy be acting crazy over her. Diddy don’t want nobody working around her so y’all make sure y’all don’t look at her too wild or make her feel uncomfortable.’’ 

While Glizzy admitted that Ventura and Wale’s interaction was solely “professional,” he claimed that once Diddy, 54, found out about their studio session, he and his security guards showed up and caused havoc.

Glizzy noted that the “I’ll Be Missing You” artist entered the building and aggressively went to the room where his then-girlfriend and Wale were, shut the door, and reportedly got into some kind of tussle with the recording artist. 

“When me and Shy [Glizzy] run to the blinds we peeping through the blinds, I’m peeping through the blinds, Shy peeping through the blinds – I swear fo’ God it’s a balcony in the studio like an out balcony; you can see over the balcony. I swear to God on my grandmother they got Wale overtop of his feet. They got him off his feet, hanging off the balcony,” the DMV native recalled. 

Glizzy then claimed that Wale was identified as the victim because of the type of shoes the man was wearing. “Who put on Wale shoes? Nobody! That was Wale feet over there,” said Glizzy. 

Despite Glizzy’s recollection of that night, Wale’s management has completely refuted the story to TMZ, calling it a “fantasy written by an outsider to exploit a viral story for clicks.” 

They claim he has never met Ventura or Glizzy, “and was never involved in any type of altercation. He wishes peace for everyone involved in the settlement.” 

While Wale denied being the man Diddy hung over a balcony, rapper Kid Cudi confirmed through a spokespoken that his car was blown up by Puff after he and Ventura dated back in 2011. This explosive act was also documented in Ventura’s lengthy lawsuit. 

The New York Times recently published a statement in which Cudi’s ambassador verified, “That is all true.”

Cassie and Diddy reportedly resolved the matter and settled for an undisclosed amount the following day after she filed. The case was also dismissed “with prejudice.”

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