Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Breaks Down His Foot Fetish and the Proper Way to Suck Toes with Shannon Sharpe

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Shannon Sharpe continue to make headlines with their hilarious non-sports-related tangents. This time the duo made waves online as Johnson talked about one of his sexual fixations.

Near the end of the Nov. 19 episode of their podcast “Nightcap with Unc and Ocho,” Sharpe discussed a person in Toronto, Canada, whose roommate listing was for half of a queen-sized bed for $900 a month. The former NFL athletes said that they couldn’t go through with the listing because they couldn’t be in bed with a stranger.

“I want to roll over and don’t touch nothing,'” said Sharpe. “I don’t want yo’ feet touching me, I don’t like people feet on me.”

Chad Johnson tries to make Shannon Sharpe understand his love for feet.
Chad Johnson (left) tries to make Shannon Sharpe (right) understand his love for feet. (Photo: @ochocinco/Instagram, @shannonsharpe84/Instagram)

The Hall of Famer asked Johnson if he was OK with people putting their feet on him, and the former Cincinnati Bengals player said that he was. But not when it’s his fiancée, Sharelle Rosado.

Johnson asked Sharpe if he likes “women feet,” and Sharpe said that they need to soak in “cocoa butter for about three hours.” Johnson insinuated that he sucks toes but he said it was a “kid-friendly show,” and Sharpe was flabbergasted.

“She better have some pig feet, some chicken feet,” Sharpe said, “That’s the only thing I’m sucking on.” Johnson then came out and asked Sharpe, “You don’t suck on the toes Unc?” Sharpe looked sick as he asked his friend, “What we doin’, Ocho?”

Johnson tried to make his case by saying that all Sharpe needed was “some crushed ice,” and that he needed to start with the pinky toe. “You start with the pinky toe and you work your way over man,” he said. “It’s like playing the flute.”

Sharpe said that the only toes he could put in his mouth were from cooked animal feet. “I ain’t even gon’ lie to you, Ocho,” Sharpe said, “If I suck on some toes, Ocho, we getting’ married tomorrow.”

Sharpe said anything that goes on “behind closed doors” is considered making love, but he asked his friend, “Where do we draw the line?” Johnson responded, “Oh boy, I’m from Liberty City, baby, we don’t draw no lines.”

Fans of the podcast cackled as the two old friends did their weekly talk about their personal sex lives. However, not everyone was on Johnson’s side as some just couldn’t get behind his toe-sucking ways. One fan said, “Maybe I’m too young to understand but for right now y’all some freaky frogs,” while another said, “Nah ocho straight demon timing.”

Others were intrigued by Ochocinco’s foot fetish antics. Two said, “Ocho Cinco is a Man of Culture. Nothing wrong with that,” and, “Sucking Toes With CRUSHED Ice is new to me @ochocinco.”

The former wide receiver began to break Sharpe down, as later in the podcast the ESPN analyst said, “Ocho, check this out. She gotta have some hot sauce or something in that bag. I gotta sprinkle something on them toes now.” Johnson said that since Sharpe was still thinking about it, he was going to “make it happen.”

Johnson then insinuated that he had to suck Rosado’s toes to get her. “How you think I got her? I don’t spend no money,” Johnson said, “so it definitely ain’t that. I gotta do all that extra stuff ’cause I ain’t spendin’ no bag.”

Johnson and Sharpe then made a poll asking their women viewers if they would rather have their toes sucked with crushed ice or a 10-day vacation to the Maldives or Bali. Johnson was sure that the women would choose the toe-sucking, but the results showed that 80 percent would rather have the vacation.

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