‘She Worked Her Way Up the Line’: Chad ‘Ochocino’ Johnson Says Fiancée Sharelle Rosado Was Once No. 32 on His Dating Roster

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson claims he used to have plenty of options before he settled down with his fiancée, Sharelle Rosado.

Earlier this month, Johnson went viral after he went live with fellow former Wide Receiver Terrell Owens, where they reminisced about one of their past sexcapades and having an orgy with 17 women in 12 hours.

Johnson recently told his friend Shannon Sharpe that he had a list of women he would take out on dates before he put a ring on a real estate broker’s finger back in January.

Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson says fiancée Sharelle Rosado was no. 32 on his roster before their engagement.
Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson says fiancée Sharelle Rosado was No. 32 on his roster before their engagement. (Photo: @sharellerosado/Instagram.)

While talking about their dating past on the podcast “Nightcap with Unc and Ocho,” Sharpe said, “Obviously you’ve gone on some dates before you got with [Rosado] you probably goin’ out once a month, twice month …” Johnson jumped in saying, “Once a month? I was goin’ out every night.”

Sharpe was taken aback as he said “with a chick?” Johnson said, “Yeah, boy. Listen, boy, I had a roster, boy. Before [Rosado] came along, [Rosada] was in line she was like, she about No. 32.” Sharpe shouted “32!?”

Johnson added, “Yeah, she worked her way up the line.”

He and the “Selling Tampa” star have been together since 2020 and share a one-year-old daughter, Serenity “Hurricane” Paula Johnson. The former NFL player has changed his ways since then, and he constantly tries to get Sharpe out of the single life.

Earlier in the podcast, Johson played matchmaker as he tried to set the “Club Shay Shay” host up with one of his fiancée’s friends.

The former Cincinnati Bengals player read off her stats from his phone stating that the woman is a funny and witty “multi-million-dollar business owner” with a Ph.D., who loves to travel. He said that she has a big crush on the Hall of Fame tight end, and that she loves him.

Johnson revealed that Rosado met the woman at a conference, noting that she was willing to fly to Sharpe on a private plane. But “Unc” had a few questions first.

He asked, “Has she been to church in the last year?” Johnson replied that he thought so, and Sharpe lit up like a candle. “Now you got my attention.”

Johnson responded, “She might be a sinner, and listen if she ain’t a sinner she might choose to backslide every now and then.” Sharpe sneered as he said that he might be interested in the woman.

Fans thought the two’s conversation was hilarious as one person said, “I’m cryinnnnnnnn kuz I know what he meant by not wanting her in church. Unc Nastyyyyy.” Others believe that Sharpe should start a dating show.

Two fans commented, “Yall gotta call these woman on the air. Call it uncs love connection then after they go on a date we need a first date review and recap,” and “They need to put UNC on the bachelor LOL!!!!”

This wasn’t the first time Sharpe talked about his desire for a relationship with a “sinner.” At first, Johnson brought up the prospect of Sharpe getting with actress Yvonne Orji on the Nov. 7 episode of “Nightcap.”

Johnson brought up Orji, who recently said that she was still a virgin at age 39. He asked what Sharpe thought about a union with a “God-fearing woman.” Sharpe said he’d rather get with someone like adult film star Miss B. Nasty.

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