‘Something Is Wrong’: Mariah Carey Fans Express Concerns for Singer’s Well-Being After Watching Her Latest Performance

Holiday season is among us and Mariah Carey kicked off her “Merry Christmas One and All” tour earlier this week. However, a few fans have voiced their concerns for the icon’s well-being after witnessing her recent performance. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 15, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Christmas” took the stage at the Yaamava Resort and Casino in Highland, California as a part of her month-and-a-half-long excursion. 

Fans believe 'something is wrong' with Mariah Carey after her latest performance conjures up concerns.
Fans believe ‘something is wrong’ with Mariah Carey after her latest performance conjures up concerns. (Pictured: @mariahcarey/Instagram)

During Carey’s show, she dazzled in various outfits while performing several of her notable holiday hits such as “Oh Santa,” “Christmas Time Is In the Air Again,” and the popular jingle “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

The mother of two also belted out some of her romantic ballads like “Always Be My Baby” and “We Belong Together.” Though Carey looked beautiful and sounded angelic as always, one audience member expressed worry about her mental, emotional and physical state. 

In a tweet on X, the individual stressed that, “Mariah sounded absolutely amazing opening night last night of her tour & she looks amazing. But i know my girl.. something’s wrong with her. It’s been all in her eyes & I’m concerned. I said this in 08 & I was right. I said this in 2013/2014 & i was right… something’s wrong.”

The user continued, “Whatever it is, i hope she’s ok. She’s usually radiates JOY during this time of the year. And she deserves to feel it.” 

Back in 2008, Carey’s plan to embark on a lengthy tour in honor of her 11th album, E=MC^2, came to a sudden halt for unknown reasons. It was later revealed that the Grammy-winning artist was pregnant at the time and unfortunately suffered a miscarriage.

Carey stated that she was “extremely uncomfortable” when former television host Ellen DeGeneres asked about the pregnancy during a live appearance on her eponymous talk show.

Six years later, Carey threw herself into her work after she and her now ex-husband, Nick Cannon, began facing marital issues. The couple officially broke up later that year with their divorce being finalized in 2016. 

After the X user made his observations known, several other accounts seemed to agree with them. One person responded, “She’s absolutely powering through and trying her best to remain okay but the lambs know. Hoping she’s taking care of herself or at least surrounded by people who care.” 

There were also a few comments that urged people to keep their assumptions to themselves. Many supporters stated that Carey will share her struggles – if there are any – to the world when she’s ready to do so. 

“I know the intentions are good. However, I think it’s better to just send love and light at this time rather than speculating. I hope she gets to express it in her music when she’s ready. And we will support. It’s not our place to discuss her personal life on open forums,” that person wrote. 

Despite worry from fans, Carey seemed to have enjoyed herself last night and even shared several photos of her recent show on Instagram. On Friday, Nov. 17, she is scheduled to perform at the Hollywood Bowl in the City of Angels.

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