‘Been Winning Every Since He Took Ciara to Waffle House’: Russell Wilson Played His Best Game as a Bronco After a Nail-Biting Victory Over the Buffalo Bills

Russell Wilson put on a show during the Nov. 13 Monday Night Football showdown between the Denver Broncos and the Buffalo Bills.

Ever since signing a five-year contract with the Broncos in the 2022 off-season for $245 million, Denver fans have called out Wilson for his poor on-the-field playing skills. After signing that contract, the former Super Bowl champion put up his worst season statistically, while also leading the Broncos to 5 wins and 12 losses.

Russell Wilson has been undefeated ever since renting out a Waffle House for Ciara's birthday.
Russell Wilson has been undefeated ever since renting out a Waffle House for Ciara’s birthday. (Photo: @dangerrusswilson/Instagram)

At the start of the current season, “Mr. Unlimited” improved his completion percentage and number of touchdowns, and also decreased the number of interceptions he has thrown. This change did not reflect the Broncos’ record, as they started the season off with one win and five losses.

After an 8-19 loss against the Kansas City Chiefs, rapper-turned-sports analyst Cam’ron blamed Wilson’s marriage to Ciara as the reason he was losing. The New York rapper suggested, “Russell Wilson, get rid of your girl. That’s the only suggestion I got for you. I don’t know what else to do for you…Do you want the ring from marriage, or do you want the Super Bowl ring?”

That loss lit a fire under Wilson and his team, and since that game, the Denver Broncos have been undefeated. After getting a two-point victory over the Green Bay Packers last month, the Broncos had their rematch against the defending champion Chiefs. Wilson outplayed Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes, as he threw for three touchdowns in an improbable 24-9 victory over Kansas City.

The 34-year-old continued to turn back the clock as he looked like vintage Russell Wilson against the Buffalo Bills.

“This is a huge one,” said Wilson during a post-game interview. “This is a good football team we just played and obviously the past couple weeks we’ve been playing some really good teams. So to beat the Chiefs, beat these guys, sets a standard of who we should be and who we can be and who we’re going to be.”

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Again, Wilson was viewed as the best quarterback on the field as he completed 24 of his 29 passes, and threw two touchdowns with zero interceptions.

One touchdown in particular had fans thinking they were watching the Seattle Seahawks in 2019, as Wilson scrambled backward for more than 10 yards before throwing a dot to his wide receiver on the edge of the endzone. This play helped lead the Broncos to a 24-22 victory over the Bills, and also improved the Broncos to one win below .500.

Some fans are praising Wilson for turning around the losing narrative, as two people said, “Russ is beating the washed allegations” and “Best throw I’ve ever seen.”

Others combatted what Cam’ron said about Wilson and Ciara. One fan said, “Russell Wilson playing like he’s trying to break the Ciara curse,” while another one said, “How many weeks ago was y’all killin’ Russell Wilson and blaming Ciara?”

Another person claimed, “Russell Wilson been winning ever since he took Ciara to Waffle House.”

On Oct. 25, Wilson rented out an entire Waffle House restaurant to celebrate his wife’s 38th birthday. In a video posted after the celebration, the “Level Up” singer said she was the “happiest girl in the world” after Wilson took note of how much she loved the breakfast diner.

Since his loving gesture, Wilson hasn’t lost on the field. He and the Broncos look to continue their winning ways as they face the Minnesota Vikings on the field on Nov. 19.

The Vikings are also on a recent win streak, and they have a veteran quarterback, Joshua Dobbs, who is coming into his own as the season progresses. As for Wilson and his team: They will have to continue their winning ways if they want to make a play at getting into the postseason.

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