‘No Walker. No Oxygen’: Tisha Campbell and Fans Are In Stitches Over a Video of Her Mother Sharing Her Strict Dating Requirements

Actress Tisha Campbell, 54, and her mother, Mona Campbell, had fans in stitches after the 71-year-old revealed her dating requirements for her potential suitors.

Earlier this week, Campbell shared a video on social media of her mother explaining her strict deal breakers.

“Baby boomer DATING requirements,” she captioned the Instagram post on April 24. The video also has a caption that said, “Dating requirements for a 71-year-old. Baby boomers!”

Mona Campbell Tisha Campbell
Mona Campbell (L) and daughter Tisha Campbell (R) discuss suitor requirements in a video shared on social media. (Photo: @tishacampbellmartin / Instagram)

In the video, Mona Campbell can be seen telling her daughter what things her suitor couldn’t have as the actress laughed.

“Yo, my mother is over here talkin’ ’bout she is looking for a man,” said the “My Wife & Kids” actress. “Okay, what’s your requirements?”

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“My requirements are: I don’t want to give an age but he can be about 65,” her mother replied before listing the health issues the suitor could and could not have.

“No walker. No oxygen. A year later he can have a stroke,” she added as Campbell laughed again and noted that her mother already had a few strokes. “In the beginning, he can have diabetes. He can have high blood pressure.”

Campbell interjected and asked her mother, “What about a nice personality?”

“That’ll do,” her mother replied.

Fans loved the video and responded in the comments section. One fan noted that Mona Campbell wants to date a man in his healthiest state.

“Listen when ya get older you gotta revise them adjustments, mama said I want a boo not a daggone patient lol that’s right ma,” wrote one fan.

“She just want somebody alive,” echoed a second fan.

“I am hollering she wants an upright man not a patient!!!

“I don’t know why she’s laughing at her mother… this need to be her requirements too… and anyone else over 50… Ijs. #50plus.”

Campbell currently stars in the former Netflix comedy “Uncoupled” with “How I Met Your Mother” actor Neil Patrick Harris. Netflix canceled the show after the first season, but Showtime picked up the series for season 2. She also stars in MGM Television’s popular “Act Your Age” comedy series that airs on Bounce.

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