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Turkey Leg Hut Co-Owner Says She Fired ‘Abusive’ Husband Over ‘Financial Mismanagement,’ Vows to Get Unpaid Workers Their Checks

The Turkey Leg Hut has been a “must-stop” for people traveling to Houston, Texas, after celebrities like 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, and Megan Thee Stallion gave it their stamp of approval. However, recent developments suggest the business may be facing uncertainty.

Co-owner Nakia Holmes has issued a statement detailing the termination of six employees and her alleged abusive husband, saying she has found that someone was mishandling the business’ money.

Turkey Leg Hut Co-Owner Says She Fired 'Abusive' Husband Over 'Financial Mismanagement,’ Vows to Get Unpaid Workers Their Checks (Photo:
Turkey Leg Hut Co-Owner Says She Fired ‘Abusive’ Husband Over ‘Financial Mismanagement,’ Vows to Get Unpaid Workers Their Checks (Photo:

Local outlet CW39 broke the story after Holmes shared an official statement regarding the firing of her ex and a few of her most valuable workers.

According to Holmes, after leaving her husband, she started to review the books in more detail and was made “aware of potential financial mismanagement” at the company.

“After gaining strength from leaving an abusive marriage, I was subsequently made aware of potential financial mismanagement at my company. This prompted me to initiate a meticulous review with my new finance team. Unfortunately, we quickly uncovered financial discrepancies that demanded immediate action. This led to a temporary two-week payroll delay and the difficult decision to lay off six valued team members, promising their reemployment in late summer.”

Holmes’ ex, Lyndell “Lynn” Price, made waves on social media by sharing a screenshot of an email informing him of his dismissal from the business on Monday, Feb. 6.

Carmen Key, a “Senior Change Management Consultant” hired by Holmes, said a comprehensive review of the operations and financial state of the eatery was the impetus for his removal.

“This decision has been reached in the context of an extensive restructuring effort necessitated by the company’s imperative need to align operational costs with our financial realities and strategic objectives,” wrote Key.

“Please be advised that as of the date of this letter, you will no longer be permitted on the premises of Turkey Leg Hut for any purpose. This policy is consistent with standard procedures following an employment termination, aimed at ensuring the ongoing safety and security of our staff and facilities,” continued the letter.

Price removed the post the next day.

Many say that they saw something drastic coming for a while, even stating that there were rumors that the business had not been paying employees in a timely manner.

Holmes has also hinted to her staff in a corporate chat group that something was awry, saying that her “personal journey has undergone considerable changes, including a divorce that, in more ways than one, has impacted not just my life but the operational stability of our business.”

While the divorce plays a major part in these changes, she also pointed to two employees who had to be fired for “financial misconduct.”

The dissolution of Holmes and Price’s almost decade-long marriage went public in 2023, when Holmes took to social media to let the world know that her husband had made her like a “hell on earth.”

“The abuse, the manipulation, the lies, the deceit, the gaslighting, and narcissism have become unbearable,” a caption on her Instagram read. “The world thinks he’s a man who stands on business, but y’all are sadly mistaken. The man that me and my children know is cruel, abusive emotionally and mentally, and completely void of any emotion.”

She continued, “I brought light to his life, while he came into mine to destroy not only me but all who love me. I’m finally closing this chapter, but I know the battle is about to commence, and I’m ready…There are so many more chapters to my story, but this one is officially closed.”

Since then, her account has also been scrubbed of any posts featuring her husband except for one dated July 24.

As for the unpaid workers, Holmes says that she’s working hard to rectify the situation.

“Our immediate plan is to address the two-week back pay promptly and continue on the path to ensuring The Turkey Leg Hut is celebrated not just for our nationally known cuisine but also for our exemplary business practices, cementing our commitment to a stronger, more cohesive future,” Holmes tells the Houston Chronicle.

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