‘Got Pregnant from a One-Night Stand’: Mother of Carl Thomas’ Daughter Blasts Singer for Neglecting Their Child 

The mother of singer Carl Thomas’ child claimed that he has no dealings with their daughter during an appearance on “Unwine with Tasha K” with guest host Kendra G. Latoya Shantel Young appeared on the podcast on Nov. 1.

Young also told Kendra G that she was upset that Tasha K referred to her as “Carl Thomas’ homeless baby moms” during a previous interview. Shantel said that she was stable when she met Thomas but later became homeless after moving to Atlanta.

Latoya Shantel Young Carl Thomas
Latoya Shantel Young and singer Carl Thomas. (Photos: Latoya Shantel/YouTube, @carlthomasnow/Instagram)

“Unwine with Tasha K” shared the interview with fans on Instagram with the caption, “Hmmm so Winos, do ya’ll remember her interview on #TashaK’s show⁉️ IF NOT we will run this interview for THE FIRST TIME on YouTube today at 5 pm EST. @kendragmedia. You guys can be the judge on this one because Tasha is TIRED of people HER for THEIR short comings.”

Tasha K interviewed Young back in April and captioned the video “Carl Thomas IMPREGNATES Homeless Woman and Abandoned the Child!” on YouTube.

“I did an interview with Tasha K, and she labeled me as ‘Carl Thomas’ homeless baby moms,’ so I didn’t appreciate that,” she said. “Number one, because, OK, when I met Carl Thomas, I met him when I had a show not only on ABC but on the CW, doing my own thing. And that’s how I met him, interviewing him. So, I was not homeless. I owned my salon for 16 years, so that is not correct.”

Young went on to say that she later became homeless after moving to Atlanta recently.

“I was homeless about five, six months ago,” she continued. “And I was open with Tasha about that, and for her to label me, for her to label me and have that as a caption, number one, it wasn’t true.”

Young added that she had known Thomas for six or seven years before they slept together.

“I didn’t sleep with him as a homeless woman who just went to his room one night because I was homeless,” she continued. “No, I knew this man at least six or seven years before we even slept together. Slept with him once and chose not to deal with him anymore, and he was salty and chooses not to take care of his daughter.”

Young went on to say that she doesn’t deserve to be threatened because of who the father of her child is.

Fans reacted to the video on Instagram.

“Now I know he’s somewhere wishing that he never met her at all,” replied one.

“That lady came on the show and told all her business,” added another. “She told the world she was homeless smh…And she got pregnant from a one-night stand. She just clout chasing.”

Young shared a video on TikTok on March 17 of her confronting Thomas about their child outside the Monticello nightclub in Atlanta and claimed he grabbed her phone as she recorded the confrontation.

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