‘My Man Wasn’t Taking the Lead’: Joe Smith’s Wife Says He Left Home Since Learning She Went Back to Working as an Adult Video Entertainer

Joe Smith’s wife is speaking out after the backlash she received from a now-viral video of the two arguing about her having an OnlyFans account.

In the viral video, Smith’s wife Kisha Chavis filmed the former No. 1 NBA draft pick as he found out that she had an OnlyFans account. While Smith was angry that he purportedly found the account rather than her telling him about it, Chavis, who is a former adult film actress, argued that it was her body and that it was just a way to bring in money.

People picked sides between the married couple, with some even saying that the whole ordeal might have been a scheme to get her page more subscribers. Smith has not spoken about the video since it went up on social media.

Joe Smith's wife talks to TMZ after their argument over her adult subscription page went viral.
Joe Smith’s wife says the former NBA star has moved out of their home after news about her adult entertainment subscription page went viral. (Photos: @iamkyssmajor/Instagram; @Tmzsports/Video Screenshot)

Chavis on the other hand, just did an interview to further explain her side of the story, and what has happened since the video dropped. At the start of the Oct. 31 chat with “TMZ Live,” she revealed that Smith had left their house.

“He’s pretty pissed off with me,” Chavis said as she wiped tears from her eyes, “I think he’s at his sister’s house, he’s not talking to me right now.”

She told the interviewers that she has had the OnlyFans page for “at least over a year.” The 52-year-old said, “It’s on my Instagram, in my LinkedIn, but that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention to your wife. Period.”

Chavis then implied that Smith was not being faithful in their relationship. “He has a friend, that he’s been ‘entertaining,’ and she decided that, you know, she wants to really put a wrench, a bigger wedge, in our relationship,” she said before revealing that the woman was the one who told Smith about her page.

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Chavis then said it was “no secret” that her husband has financial issues. In 2018, CNBC reported that the estranged couple were living paycheck-to-paycheck and owed $157,000. Their combined income was a reported $26,000 a year but lived in a home in Atlanta worth $133,000.

“I have always made a good life for myself,” Chavis said. She explained that before she met Smith, she was an established singer in Europe. When she came back stateside, she believed that Smith’s “persona and who he was,” would help her career “take off.”

“You know not everybody’s hustle and drive are the same, and depression is a serious thing also. I’ve been just supporting and dealing and going through his trials and tribulations with him,” she revealed.

The mother explained that she’s always been a businesswoman and that she was doing “a lot” to maintain the house she and Joe “almost got kicked out of” and a second home she was “trying not to lose.”

“I just kicked into drive and did what I had to do. And he won’t do it so I had to, and I’m sorry, you knew I was an adult video star when you met me,” said Chavis. “So if my survival, if I would do anything for my own survival then, what makes you think that would change now?”

After leaving Germany, she said her music career hadn’t taken off as she had hoped in the States, but she “stayed here for him.”

Chavis then revealed that she had a pet company that went under during the pandemic and a moving company, which Joe works for, stating, “He actually works for me.”

“I’m tired of being the one to figure s—t out,” she stressed. “So I figured it out the best way I know that can maximize the money that needs to come in. Because I’m tired of … living minimal.”

The adult entertainer then began to unleash details about Joe’s retirement, which she described as “forced” because he was “locked out after the lockout in 2011.” She added, “He just never got a new job. Nobody wanted him anymore.”

Chavis and Joe have been together since 2012 and as much as she loves him she’s “not sorry for what I’m doing, I’m just sorry that he can’t understand that it’s not, it wasn’t a selfish decision.”

She declared, “I made an executive decision when my man wasn’t taking the lead.”

Chavis believes Joe will eventually “come around” in the interview, which left many viewers just as much divided as the original video did. Some believe both are being used as a ploy to get some more traffic on her OnlyFans page, but others are still picking sides.

Some of the people on Chavis’ side said, “I completely agree with whatever she gotta do, cause he ain’t doing s—t, He broke and cheating I don’t blame her. Get ya money sis.”

Others called out her husband for trying to change her, “It’s crazy I went from being on Joe Smith side to being on her side. N—a married a Pornstar and thought she’ll change.”

Those who sided with Smith said things like, “Doing a interview while the issue is fresh and unprocessed is wild,” and “Again…..being in a MARRIAGE why was their conversation posted for everyone to see?? F—k what it was about , why tf was we added to the group chat ?!”

Chavis said that unless something changes, she will continue to post on OnlyFans. However, she is open to couples therapy, as long as Smith gets therapy for himself as well “to find his new place in the world.”

They share three children together. Yet, Smith has not responded to his wife’s interview as of this writing.

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