Florence El Luche Reconsiders Her Future on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Following Heated Confrontation Between Her Sister and Rapper Trina

Florence El Luche, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Kompa Music,” has had a challenging path to stardom. The “Love & Hip Hop” star of Haitian descent arrived in the United States at the tender age of 11, setting in motion a journey that would lead her to discover her true passion — music.

Although she entered the rap scene later in life, Flo’s unwavering resilience has propelled her to a life of fame and stardom in the reality TV world. Her 2021 single “Dekonekte” notched an impressive 1.5 million views and counting on YouTube, catching the eyes of many and opening the door for her to join the cast of the Miami franchise of “Love and Hip Hop.”

During an exclusive interview with Atlanta Black Star, Flo got candid about her sister sleeping with her ex-husband, her blow-up fight with rapper Trina, and her future on the show.

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“Love & Hip Hop: Miami” stars Florence El Luche (left) and rapper Trina (right) were friends until a rift in their relationship that has played out on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.” (Photos: @florencedure/Instagram; @trinarockstarr/Instagram)

This season, viewers watched Flo confront the trials and tribulations of her personal life revolving around the finalization of her divorce from her ex-husband, Marlon. Their union unraveled due to allegations of an affair with Flo’s sister, an accusation that Marlon continuously denies.

Meanwhile, her sister stands firm, insisting that they did indeed share an intimate night together. To add a further layer of complexity, Flo grapples with the unrelenting pleas from her own family, who yearn for a reconciliation with Marlon despite him allegedly cheating on her with her own sister.

Earlier this year, Flo ignited the music scene with her collaboration with none other than the “Queen of Miami” herself, rapper Trina. Their track, “Bounce Dat,” had fans brimming with excitement. However, an unexpected altercation ensued between Flo and Trina, triggered by the involvement of Flo’s sister, causing a dramatic rupture in their relationship.

This plays out on the show, and as the season unfolds, viewers are left pondering if the two artists can mend their fences. Flo spoke highly of Trina, who often shows up at her events and video shoots with no questions asked. She said she booked the “Da Baddest Chick” to perform with her at Miami’s Sumfest. “That was the only time she didn’t show up for me,” said Flo.

On the Oct. 24 episode of “LHH: MIA,” a club scene turned ugly after Flo and company approached Trina to find out why she didn’t attend her event despite having been paid already.

“Her ex-fiancé refunded partial of the money, [but] didn’t refund the whole amount of the money,” said Flo. “So then I went up to her. We were supposed to film. So my sister and I went to her to ask her, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ Me, personally, I wanted to have a one-on-one conversation, woman to woman like … ‘Why didn’t you show up at my performance?'”

Trina was previously engaged to Raymond Taylor, but she did not mention his name when she explained the miscommunication between her team and Flo’s. The incident escalated after Flo’s friend and her sister began yelling and accusing the Florida native of robbing Flo. But Trina was not having it and she let everyone know by grabbing a microphone nearby.

She went crazy. She started cursing my sister out and everything,” said Flo about Trina.

During her rant, Trina also made remarks about the entanglement between Flo’s ex Marlon and her sister, as well as the Vodou ritual Flo and Marlon attended together last season.

“Apparently, my sister told Trina at the club that, ‘Oh, my sister does Vodou, don’t f—k with her. So then Trina stated … ‘Oh, Get the f—k out of here y’all Vodou a— Haitians.’ Some s—t like that. ‘Y’all cat eating a— hoes,’ stuff like that. So I felt bad, because how are you going to talk like that?”

Flo said she was shocked her friend, a native of South Florida, home to the largest Haitian population in the world, who grew up in Liberty City — one of Miami’s most significant historically Black neighborhoods — would use a “racial slur.”

The “Slow Down” artist said although Trina apologized for her comments in a separate interview, the Haitian community in Miami is still very much “upset” with her.

“It has taken a big toll on the song to be honest with you, because it’s like the energy is just drained,” Flo explained. “Complete block right now, because now every time I try to put it in front of my fans’ faces they’re like, ‘We’re not having it. We don’t want to hear it. Just put this song in a trash or something. We don’t want it.'”

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Flo has built a huge fan base in Miami, but she said her presence on “LHH: MIA” has helped her “expand” her platform, audience, and her crossover to merge with other genres of music. But after her altercation with Trina, it seems like her decision to remain a cast member is up in the air.

“It has helped my music career,” she confessed. “It has helped so I’m not saying I’m going to be there for the long run, but I’m enjoying the moment right now.”

Find out if Flo and Trina were able to resolve their issues on the next episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.” The show airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on VH1.

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