‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Reality Star Amara La Negra Reveals On-Again, Off-Again Boyfriend Is the Father of Her Twin Girls

Amara La Negra from “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” is basking in her pregnancy as she awaits the arrival of twin girls. The reality TV star left fans oohing and aahing over new maternity photos she shared on Tuesday, March 29.

After sharing beautiful photos that included her mother, the Afro-Latina singer shared pictures with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Allan Mueses, in a since-removed Instagram post.

Amara La Negra shared and deleted maternity photos with her twins’ father, Allan Mueses. (Photo: @amaralanegraaln/Instagram.)

“Meet our mommy Amara La Negra & Our Daddy Allan Mueses,” read the caption underneath a photo of the couple.

After an unfulfilling relationship with Emjay Johnson in season three of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami,” La Negra returned last year with a new beau in season four.

Amara and real estate broker Allan Mueses met in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as part of Amara’s recent venture into real estate. Throughout the season, her mother was not too fond of Allan, especially after he asked Amara to leave her family and move to the DR with him.

The timeline of when Amara and Allan began dating is unclear. However, in October 2021, the television host revealed the couple had suffered a miscarriage earlier that year in July. A month later, Amara announced she was expecting twin girls.

La Negra has a different perspective after previously asserting herself as a single parent. In an interview with Parents.com, the entertainer shared her concerns about becoming a mother.

“This is going to be the first time I am going to be completely honest. I think there was a part of me that was a little bit embarrassed to say that I am a single mother, not necessarily by choice,” Amara said in February. “People can be very judgmental once you are in the public eye, and I just wasn’t ready to speak that truth. I won’t necessarily say that I am at this moment, either, but I will say that it wasn’t something that I wanted, you know?”

Like many, La Negra dreamed about being married and raising a big family in a beautiful home. But for her, “it didn’t turn out that way.”

The 31-year-old said, “I thought that I had chosen the right partner to make that happen, but it wasn’t like that. So, I don’t have another option. But that’s okay. I’m a mother, my children are within me, and I have to take that responsibility and be that mother figure/father figure for my girls.”

The twins will be Amara and Allan’s first children together. Allan has two daughters, Layla Mueses and Alanna Mueses, whom he frequently shares photos of on Instagram.

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