‘Where Was This Energy for Bonnets & Pajamas’: Fans Challenge Mo’Nique’s Decision to Suddenly Mind Her ‘Business’ Regarding Will and Jada’s Relationship

Mo’Nique is keeping her views about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith‘s marriage to herself after being asked her thoughts during the “Big Tigger Morning Show.” The comedienne was asked to share her opinion surrounding the “Matrix” star’s revelation in her new memoir “Worthy” that the duo separated back in 2016.

Mo’Nique was asked if she had any thoughts about the couple’s separation.

“That’s not my business,” replied Mo’Nique. “That’s not my business, and me giving my opinion, my opinion doesn’t matter because what does that do for our community?”

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“Me sittin’ here telling you what I think about Will and Jada Smith,” she continued. “I hope those beautiful people have an awesome life, however, they go. That’s it. I think if we stop focusing on other people and stop worrying about what other people are doing and how they’re doing it, we would be so much further as a community because those types of questions do nothing for us.”

Mo'Nique Jada Pinkett Smith Will Smith
(From left) Mo’Nique, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. (Photos: @ therealmoworldwide/Instagram, “Entertainment Tonight”/YouTube screenshot)

However, fans are questioning Mo’Nique’s sudden decision to “stop focusing on other people,” considering the comedian had strong feelings about the attire others chose to wear in public.

In 2021, Mo’Nique shared a video criticizing women who wore their pajamas and bonnets in public after witnessing several women at the airport.

“I saw so many of our young sistahs in head bonnets, scarves, slippers, pajamas, blankets wrapped around them, and this is how they’re showing up to the airport,” she said. “And I’ve been seeing it not just at the airport, I’ve been seeing it at the store, at the mall … and the question that I’m having to you, my sweet babies, is when did we lose pride in representing ourselves?”

After receiving some backlash over her comments, Mo’Nique doubled down and claimed the women blocked their beauty by wearing their bonnets and pajamas in public.

“So if you’re offended because I’ve said to you, ‘You’re a queen, and you’re beautiful, and when you wear that damn bonnet and your pajama pants and your slippers anywhere you go don’t you know you block your beauty’? Let your beauty be seen and be shown,” she said. “See, remember the time we were raising hell because they didn’t want us to wear our natural hair? They didn’t want us to do the things we wanted to do with our natural beauty. Now, why ever would you block it?”

Online viewers were surprised that the “Precious” actress didn’t have more to say about the Smiths, being that she is often outspoken on other people’s business.

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One fan replied, “Where was this energy for bonnets & pajamas, my sweet baby,” while another social media user added, “We all need to look in the mirror and stay [in] our lane.”

Other commenters suggested that Pinkett should be free to share her story. “Let Jada Shakur tell her truth and keep it pushing,” they wrote.

“Worthy” was released on Oct. 17.

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