‘Oh So She Was Talking to Him Crazy’: Jeannie Mai Admits Jeezy Called Out Her Anger Issues In Resurfaced Clip After the Rapper Files for Divorce

Many want to know why Jeezy and Jeannie Mai are getting divorced two years after saying “I do” in a private ceremony at their Atlanta home.

But with neither party addressing the split publicly, fans and critics alike have resorted to speculating about their relationship dynamics and dredging up old clips in search of clues. The “Leave You Alone” rapper filed for divorce on Sept. 14 in Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jeannie Mai’s anger issues are revealed in a resurfaced clip about triggering Jeezy — after the rapper files for divorce. (Photo: Thejeanniemai/Instagram)

Jeezy, real name Jay Wayne Jenkins, is said to be seeking joint physical and legal custody of his and Mai’s 1-year-old daughter, Monaco Mai Jenkins. The filing, which was obtained by RadarOnline, revealed that he said the marriage was irretrievably broken, that the couple is living separately, and that a prenup is in place.

Rumors of infidelity already have begun to circulate, with some suggesting that Mai was romantically involved with married actor and “Extra” host Mario Lopez. However, a resurfaced interview the former “The Real” co-host did in 2021 has prompted people to question if she had toxic traits that simply made her and Jeezy too incompatible.

On an episode of the “Lovers and Friends Podcast,” Mai admitted, “I have a really hot temper. Not a lot of people know this; it’s just something in my family…but I didn’t notice it in myself until I was with Jeezy.” She was previously married for 10 years to her ex-husband, Freddy Harteis, but claimed he never called out her temper.

Mai further elaborated on the negative impact her hot-headed ways had on her and Jeezy’s dynamics. “It has to do with the type of relationship you have and the type of respect you have for that person to mirror things back to you.”

She continued, “Here’s a person who is my equal, and when I would spew some of my hold habits and he was like, ‘Uh uh, like, that’s not flying here’ and also it would trigger him to come back at me with things where I was like, ‘Who the f—k do you think you are?’ But I was triggering him, so through work, we learned that we both have certain habits.”

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The TV personality noted that Jeezy never told her to fix her temper; instead, she made an adjustment to not lose her partner and to evolve into a better version of herself. Reactions to the clip included, “Oh so she was talking to him crazy and after a while he wasn’t having the s–t! Got it.”

“When they “peace” isn’t peaceful,” wrote another user. “He thought she was a lil submissive Asian ….” read another comment. Despite his filing, the rapper is still wearing his wedding band, most recently in a cryptic post about personal growth.

Jeezy has yet to address the divorce.


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