‘This Is HARRASSMENT Auntie’: Mo’Nique Gets Called Out for Judging and Shaming an Anonymous Black Woman Wearing a Bag on Her Head At the Airport

Mo’Nique is once again attempting to teach Black women how they should present themselves in public.

This started on May 29 when the comedian-actress said in a five-minute rant that “Queens don’t walk around with bonnets and head scarfs and slippers and pajamas,” in public spaces like the airport or Walmart. After receiving a bit of backlash from her followers and fans, Mo’Nique, in another post, said she was “unapologetic” about her original message.

Mo’Nique posts photo of anonymous woman in the airport wearing a bag on her head. (Photo: @therealmoworldwide/Instagram)

Now, almost a month later, “The Parkers” actress is back this time with a visual representation of what she deems as an unacceptable way for a person to leave their house. She posted an unknown woman with her back turned away from the camera, wearing a bag over her head, a black shirt and shorts. It was clear the woman was at the airport because there was a “baggage allowance” sign and she stood next to multiple luggage bags.

In her caption, she wrote, “Hey BEAUTIFUL QUEENS. 🥰 NO SHAMING. If this is the BEST YOU CAN DO NO JUDGMENT DO YOU. This was sent to me as an example of what we’re talking about that goes on in our community. However if this is not your BEST, than do BETTER! Being that ultimately the decision either way is yours. I LOVE US 4REAL❤️.”

She received what seemed like even more backlash than before from both fans and fellow celebrities. “Bad Girls Club” alum Tanisha Thomas said, “Im all about presentation myself I’m a ♍️ and that’s how I was raised. But you never know what’s going on in ppls lives behind closed doors. So I choose to judge her on the content of her character not her temp outside appearance 🙏🏽.”

Another person wrote, “This is HARASSMENT, auntie. And whose standards of “Best” are we trying to emulate? White supremacy is not my standard of what is “best” or better for me. Unpack your respectability politics. If you ‘Love’ us forreal.”

Someone else said, “Monique stop, yup are taking this too far. You made your point. This is bullying.” The 53-year-old did the opposite of taking her fans advice and instead of taking a photo down, she decided to post a collage photo on Monday, June 28, of real historical Black queens and empresses.

“HEY BEAUTIFUL QUEENS. WHEN WE UNDERSTAND THE QUEENS WE COME FROM. Let US take the time out to research the shoulders we stand on. Now will this go viral. I LOVE US 4REAL❤️,” she wrote once again keeping her stance.

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