Black & Streaming: From ‘Diamond Girls’ to Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval,’ Here Are the 13 Films and TV Series You Need to Watch This Weekend on Destah, Netflix and More Streaming Apps

Happy Friday! As always, with every Friday comes a new what-to-watch list that gives our audience an up-to-date listicle of fictional and or nonfictional stories that highlight and amplify the voices of Black entertainers.

This week’s list shines a light on dramas, thrillers, romances, and comedies that make cozying up on a couch with a side of popcorn oh, so worth it! From the top movies on ABS’ very own streaming platform “Destah” to other network originals, you do not want to miss what’s in store.

While there are many newly released films such as “Haunted Mansion,” which feature stars like LaKeith Stanfield, there are a few classic throwbacks that will give viewers feelings of nostalgia. So continue reading along and see if anything on this list sparks your interest!

Here are all of the movies that should be at the top of your watch list this weekend! 


  • Diamond Girls (2022) In this film directed by Kamal Smith, Brandi Diggs, the wife of a murdered drug lord, decides to leave the dangerous streets alone in hopes of giving herself and her child a better life. As she says goodbye to the life she’s known, Brandi attempts to convince her three friends to do the same. However, the women are not easily persuaded due to their deep love and comfort with the streets. Nevertheless, Brandi makes it her mission to show her girlfriends that there is more to life than street life before it’s too late. This action-packed movie stars former “Basketball Wives” cast mate Dominique Lenard as Brandi with Keiona Evans, Angeleah Speights, and NuNu Thurman as her girlfriends. 
Here are top 10 movies to watch this weekend!
Keiona Evans as Keisha (right) and Angeleah Speights (left) as Stacey in “Diamond Girls” (Pictured: @Destah.)
  • Beyond Borders (2003) This film takes an unexpected twist after characters Dr. Charles and Kemi get into a lovers quarrel after he fails to make his love intentions known on time. Kemi ends up making a decision about the man she truly wants to be with while the other simply is left heartbroken.
  • Love and a Tragedy (2019) A series of unprecedented events unfold after a mother creates a devious ploy to ensure that her only son marries the right woman. But will she go too far and risk losing him altogether?

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  • Gen V (2023) This prequel series from the popular show “The Boys” follows the lives of first-generation superheroes who find out that their supernatural abilities exist after the injection of a drug called Compound V. The heroes put their powers to the test by pushing the limits for their school’s top ranking. New episodes of the series drop every Friday only on Prime.  
  • Make Me Scream (2023) This chilling TV special focuses on three different celebrity teams who face chilling obstacles without screaming. The first season stars “The Cosby Show” actress Tempestt Bledsoe, “A Different World” alum Darryl M. Bell, “Harlem” star Shoniqua Shandai, and everyone’s favorite “Family Matters” nerd, Jaleel White


  • Bayou Caviar (2018) Cuba Gooding Jr. stars as Rodney Jones, a former boxing champion who has decided to make a living as a nightclub bouncer. However, Rodney’s simple life turns upside down after he witnesses a murder and is pulled into a series of unfortunate events. 
  • A Christmas Winter Song (2019) If you are already in the Holiday Spirit, then you should check out this feel-good film starring the one and only Ashanti. The R&B Princess stars as Clio, who befriends a former musician Fred, played by Stan Shaw. The unlikely pair lean on each other as they share family struggles. Despite the hardships, their similar love for music helps them overcome the tribulations. 
  • Rye Lane (2023) This coming-of-age romcom follows two 20-somethings Yas and Dom who are both healing from horrible breakups. After meeting in a bathroom in London, the two connect by helping each other deal with their exes and possibly reinstating their belief in love all within a day. This film made $1.5 million at the box office and stars David Jonsson and Vivian Oparah as love interests. 


  • Everything Now (2023) In this coming-of-age series, Mia Planco, portrayed by Sophie Wilde, is freshly released from a hospital after battling anorexia. She is quickly thrown back into the struggles of the real world and tries to maneuver life as normal as possible.
  • The Black Beauty Effect (2022) Black actresses including Meagan Good, Amber Riley, Andrea Lewis, and more all come together to discuss and examine historical trends and social changes that the beauty industry goes through. The women then connect it all back to how that affects Black women in the entertainment industry. 


  • Tyler Perry’s The Oval (Season 5) Returning for its fifth season, this political drama follows U.S. President Hunter Franklin and First Lady Victoria Franklin who try their best to put on the perfect family facade for the public. However, behind closed doors is nothing but scandal, violence, backstabbing, and more. A new episode of the original series premieres every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST on BET and on the app.
  • Love Marry Kill (2023) After the successful philanthropist Elise Harrington is killed in a hit-and-run accident, her best friend and skilled forensic pathologist Jordan Toussaint decides to figure out what really happened. With the help of her former lover, police detective Marcus Benoit, Jordan discovers that her best friend’s picture-perfect life wasn’t all it appeared to be. This fast-paced thriller stars “High School Musical” star Monique Coleman as the main lead with “All the Queen’s Men” actor Skyh Black as her love interest. 
  • Inside Man (2006) The legendary Denzel Washington stars as a no-nonsense detective who tries to negotiate a consensus with a smart bank robber. However, once a mysterious power broker enters the conversation, the stakes heighten as they try to thwart the robber’s cunning heist that results in him having hostages.
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