‘That Man Loves Him a Deep Brown Queen’: Lupita Nyong’o Spotted at Concert with Jodie Turner-Smith’s Estranged Husband, Actress Speaks Out

Oscar award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has taken to social media to announce her split with her boyfriend after being spotted out with Joshua Jackson at a Janelle Monáe concert in Inglewood, California, on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

Nyong’o said a sudden love in her life is no longer trustworthy and has left her heartbroken, prompting many to speculate she and the “Dawson’s Creek” star were on a date.

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In a lengthy statement posted on Instagram, Nyong’o wrote in part, “At this moment, it is necessary for me to share a personal truth and publicly dissociate myself from someone I can no longer trust…”

She continued, “I find myself in a season of heartbreak because of a love suddenly and devastatingly extinguished by deception.”

The post is believed to be about former ESPN commentator Selema Masekela, son of South African musician Hugh Masekela.

Previously, she mentioned their sudden romance by posting a picture of the two on social media, saying, “We just click!” Nyong’o tagged Masekela in the post and used the hashtags #thisismylove and #nuffsaid. She has since deleted that post and others with Masekela after making their official introduction as a couple on Instagram in December 2022.

Fans further noticed that the two had stopped following each other and that both had pulled down pictures of the other, clear signs that the couple have split.

Never one to stay in the dumps too long, the “Black Panther” star went out on the town with Jackson and other friends. Jackson is currently married but separated from British actor and model Jodie Turner-Smith.

Paparazzi captured Nyong’o and Jackson having a ball out on the town. Many on social media noticed that Jackson seems to have a “type”: a beautiful Black woman with flawless chocolate skin.

“He doesn’t just love chocolate he loves DARK CHOCOLATE,” a person stated. Another person agreed, writing, “That man loves him a deep brown QUEEN.” One person wrote, “Mans def got a type innit??” while another joked, “She tried to kick him out the chocolate factory he said NOT ME!”

More jokes rolled in, with one “Wakanda” reference: “Streets finna be heated when the viburnum go missing.”

Once footage of Jackson and Nyong’o began to spread on social media, the Tony-nominated actress decided to post her statement publicly.

Nyong’o said she’s keeping it real with her followers in the hope that “the knowledge” she gains from this “experience might be useful to someone else out there experiencing the grip of heartbreak who is poised to try and escape from the pain and miss out on the wisdom that comes from it.”

Rumored to have been dating since 2016, neither she nor Masekela has released a more formal or direct statement about their split.

Meanwhile, Turner-Smith called it quits with Jackson earlier this month after she filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court. They share one child together, a daughter named Juno, born in April 2020.

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