‘Y’all Will Believe Anything a White Woman Says’: Jada Pinkett Smith Fans Slam TikToker’s Attempt to Disprove That Tupac Proposed to the Actress While In Prison

A move by Jada Pinkett Smith to open up in greater detail about her friendship with Tupac Shakur has some social media users questioning if her stories are fabricated.

Over the weekend, a viral TikTok user attempted to debunk Jada’s claim that her late friend proposed to her in 1995 while he was serving time for a sexual abuse conviction at Rikers Island. “I cannot handle these f—king lies anymore. Jada is currently on her pay-attention-to-me tour and she is making all these wild claims,” said the TikToker.

The creator of the video said that the “math isn’t mathing” regarding the timeline of the proposal, and proceeded to cross-reference archived articles about Tupac’s case, his jail transfers, his relationship with then-fianceé Keisha Morris, and Jada’s dealings with Will Smith during that time.

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The “Woo” actress recently claimed that the rapper proposed to her at the controversial New York detention facility. Tupac was held at Rikers from January to March 1995, until he was transferred to the Clinton Correctional Facility. He was released on bail, which Jada helped raise that October. Her proposal recollection is one of the many memories she writes about in her memoir, “Worthy.”

Social media shuts down TikToker who tried to disprove Jada’s story about Tupac’s proposal. Photos: Jadapinkettsmith/Instagram; Jesstheprequeldoesmiami/TikTok

In an appearance on the “All the Smoke” podcast, she said the “All Eyez On Me” artist was in a bad state of mind and asked for her hand in marriage because he “needed somebody to do time with him.” Jada said she turned him down, noting that she intended to stand by his side as a friend without saying, “I do.” “I promise you, he would have married me and divorced me as soon as his a– left,” she added.

The TikToker, however, references a New York Times article about the conviction dated Feb. 8, 1995, as the smoking gun in her appeal to call out Jada’s alleged bluff. The user suggests that it is not probable that the actress could have garnered a proposal from Tupac in the span of four weeks and that his relationship with Morris was an obvious conflict of interest. Around that same time, Will was in the midst of a divorce from his first wife, Sheree Zampino, and had allegedly already begun dating Jada.

Morris, in a Sister 2 Sister interview, said she met Tupac in 1994 and dated him throughout his trial. She claimed he gave her an engagement ring in September of that year. They would later wed on April 29, 1995, but annulled the marriage after 10 months. In her interview, she also admits that Tupac had a long list of visitors, including fans and celebrities like Jasmine Guy.

Reactions to the TikTok claims included an X user writing, “So turns out Jada is lying why am I not surprised.” It was met with several defenses and proof by way of Tupac’s published letter, confessing that he asked a childhood friend who was now famous if she would marry him and be part of a polyamory relationship of sorts.

“I’m not here to defend Jada. she’s terrible, but Tupac verified he considered marrying Jada in a letter he wrote to Sistah Souljah. He went into detail that kinda lines up with what Will said on the breakfast club as well about it being a possibility they could get together,” one user said.

“One thing about y’all? Y’all will believe anything a white woman says but not the woman who was actually talking about her own life and experience….hmmm,” wrote another user.

Social media users also dug up a video Tupac’s cousin, William Lesane, did with The Art Of Dialogue in July, discussing the rapper’s plans to allegedly marry Jada and move to Arizona.

Although Lesane admits that his cousin never expressed to him that he and Jada were intimately involved, Lesane says, “He loved her, I know that. He never said they had sex, but he never said they didn’t have sex.”

Lesane then added, “The part of the conversation between Tupac and I was about him wanting to marry Jada while he was in prison. He was clear about that. He wanted to marry Jada. He used to tell me all the time.”

Another commenter supported Tupac’s proposal as the norm. It read, “I’m not here to say Jada is or isn’t lying but how yall gonna let a random white woman tell yall what happened (or didn’t happen) in a stranger’s life. She wasn’t there. If you think a n––ga in jail didn’t propose, yall don’t know n––gas in jail,” that person wrote.

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Jada has long said that she and her “soulmate” Tupac shared a deep love for each other, but that they never had a romantic relationship. The actress, who has been married to Will for 25 years, also revealed she and the movie star have been separated since 2016.

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