‘She Don’t Even Talk About Will This Much’: Fans Are ‘Tired’ After Jada Pinkett Smith Calls Tupac Her ‘Soulmate’ In New Interview

Jada Pinkett Smith continues to cause chaos online surrounding her alleged love affair with the late rapper Tupac Shakur, whom she described as her soulmate.

The “Girls Trip” actress is currently on a press run for her new book, “Worthy,” which reveals more than a few major bombshells

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Fans say they are 'tired' after Jada Pinkett Smith calls Tupac her soulmate
Fans say they are ‘tired’ after Jada Pinkett Smith calls Tupac her soulmate. (Photo: @jadapinkettsmith/Instagram)

In a recent interview with Rolling Out, the “Set It Off” actress was asked if she believed in platonic soulmates and if she would qualify the “All Eyez on Me” rapper as hers. 

“Absolutely,” Pinkett Smith, 52, exclaimed. “We have soulmates, our children can be our soulmates. I think this kind of romanticized idea like, ‘A soulmate’ you know? There’s all kinds of definitions of soulmate.” 

The mother of two continued suggesting that if “past lives” exist, then she and Tupac “have traveled a few together.” 

When asked if she regretted never taking the New York native out of the friend zone, Pinkett Smith confessed that there was “no chemistry between us.” 

“It’s that friendship love chemistry,” she suggested. “Trust me… Like, I write in the book, we had those moments and I wish I can get people to understand the repelling nature. It was almost like God made us that way.”

She added, “He was like ‘Look, I’mma put y’all together all right, y’all gonna be a dynamic duo, but I’mma tell you right now I’mma make it so y’all not gonna be able to get together.”

The former “Red Table Talk” host said that their “purpose” wasn’t to be a couple, noting that their platonic relationship was a mutual decision. 

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The Neighborhood Talk shared Pinkett Smith’s revelation on their Instagram page, where a few commenters side-eyed her statement. A few individuals even brought up her estranged husband, Will Smith

“Oh Lord, We are tired..”

“I’m convinced she wakes up and immediately says ‘How can I embarrass Will today?’ No prayer or nothing.” 

“Jadaaaaa…. Please wrap this up and let that man rest in peace.”

“She don’t even talk about Will this much.”

“I really don’t like this lady . She don’t even talk about will this much and he alive ! And the father to her kids ! Smh.”

Despite the critics, Pinkett Smith had a few social media users who defended her name. One person penned, “She literally saying they were friends and yall bashing her. I hope to have a friend that will love me like this even after im gone.” 

Another person wrote, “Tupac was her REAL FRIEND. She knew the real him. I feel the same way about my bestfriend, that she’s my soul mate. I don’t think soul mates have to be romantically involved , just someone who knows & understands your soul, they complete you!”

As previously reported, Pinkett Smith has caused quite a stir this week with more of her juicy confessions. A few included the big reveal that she and the husband of her two kids, Jaden and Willow Smith, have been separated for seven years. 

While speaking on the “Today” show, the former talk show host said she and the “Bad Boys” star no longer live in the same household but have kept up the front of being married for the public eye. 

Pinkett Smith also claimed that during her and Smith’s separation, her “Madagascar” co-star, Chris Rock, asked to take her out because he thought they were headed for a divorce.

She ultimately denied Rock’s request and notified him that the reports were simply rumors. After Pinkett Smith made the confession, fans began speculating this was the real reason why Smith slapped Rock during the 94th Annual Academy Awards back in 2022.

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