‘I Am Going to Rip Her Hair Plugs Out’: 17 Years After the Infamous Spit Fight, Tiffany Pollard Still Hates ‘Balding’ Pumkin From ‘Flavor of Love’

Reality star Tiffany “New York” Pollard made her name as the love interest of Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav on his hit VH1 reality dating show, “Flavor of Love.” She set herself apart by claiming to be the HBIC on multiple seasons, aligning herself with the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer.

Most people respected her position on the show, except one contestant on “Flavor of Love,” Brooke “Pumkin” Thompson. Their reality show feud spawned a 17-year-old beef that New York hasn’t let go of to date.

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While promoting her new reality show, “House of Villains,” New York talked about her never-ending disdain for Pumpkin and explained that there was nothing that would change how she feels.

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Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard and Brooke ‘Pumkin’ Thompson. (Photos: @trtrimboli/Instagram and @vh1/Instagram)

In an interview with The Messenger, New York was asked if she would ever make nice with her former co-star. It’s a question that’s also been on the minds of fans.

“I wonder if New York and Pumkin still beefin from when she spit on her at eliminations during flavor of love,” tweeted a fan in September.

“H–l no,” the Queen of Reality TV said. “But when I see that hoe, I am going to rip her hair plugs out because she is balding, and she’s never got that facelift that I suggested.”

The slick remark was in reference to the infamous altercation the two had almost two decades ago. Pumkin was getting kicked off the show, and New York took the golden opportunity to mock her on the way out. “B––h, you look like a f––king man. And you need that facelift. Make her exit. Get her out of here,” she said.

The dispute between the women got louder and louder, with Pumkin saying she could “slap the s––t out of her” and New York inviting her to a tussle.

As the two got into each other’s faces, Pumkin spit into New York’s face, which launched one of the most epic fights in reality television’s history— possibly earning New York her spot on her own show.

New York grabbed Pumkin by the back of her head, and the rest … got her a spinoff.

Social media fans still remembers that fight as a critical moment in their reality show treasure trove.

“Lmao every now and then my mind will still replay New York saying ‘do ittt slap me b*tch’ and Pumkin spitting on her.”

“Moments that shouldn’t live in your head but do. When New York spit on Pumkin. When Tyra called the African hat a “dookie hat.”

“To this day I still cackle when New York pushed Pumkin and her head bounced off that damn camera.”

While most people have no idea where Pumkin is today, New York almost annually pops up on the small screen. Rolling Stone says that she “changed the game for Black women on reality television.”

Outside of “‘Flavor of Love,” she had her own spinoff show, “I Love New York,” in which she tried her hand at finding love. New York also appeared on “Charm School,” “Celebrity Big Brother,” “Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn,” “The Next 15,” “Famously Single,” “Traveling the Stars,” “Scared Famous,” “Celebrity Ex on the Beach,” “Hot Haus” and “College Hill: Celebrity Edition.”

She also had a franchise of shows under her brand: “New York Goes to Hollywood” and “New York Goes to Work.”

New York loves the camera, and the camera loves her, which is why it is no surprise that she is the breakout star of the new series.

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