‘New York is In the MF Building’: ‘I Love New York’ Reunion with Tiffany Pollard, Vivica A. Fox Set to Drop Next Month

Reality television’s “HBIC” is making her return to VH1 for a reunion special, according to a report from Page Six

VH1 recently revealed to the New York Post entertainment site that it would be making a one-off reunion special about Tiffany “New York” Pollard

Tiffany Pollard. (Photo: @Tiffany_hbic_pollard/Instagram)

Actress Vivica A. Fox is set to host the “I Love New York: Reunited,” which will see Tiffany come together with some of her favorite past contestants as they “revisit the show’s greatest moments, break down the biggest heartbreaks, and dive into how the cast members’ lives have evolved through the years.”

The iconic star rose to fame during the mid-2000s. She reigned supreme in the reality television world following her appearance and cultural impact on shows such as “Flavor of Love,” which birthed the classic “BEYONCE?” GIF. Tiffany later received her own spinoff show, “I Love New York.” The 38-year-old also appeared on “Celebrity Big Brother,” “Scared Famous,” and several other shows.

VH1 also announced the news on its Twitter account, and fans quickly voiced who they hoped to see during the reunion, including one fan who wrote, “I hope Buddha and scaredy cat Tailor Made is there. LoL. Y’all remember when Buddha snapped on frail Tailor Made and the poor thing almost fainted.” Another person chimed in, “Chance better be there!!!!”

In an interview with Two Bees TV, Tiffany Pollard spoke about her impact on pop culture. “The thing that really blows my back is how time doesn’t transcend … the youth knows who I am,” she explained. “It just shows that once you make that impact, it’s always going to be there regardless of time.”

The reality star then went on to say that she created the blueprint for the “Love and Hip Hop” stars we see today. “These guys are making a whole bunch of money, they are entrepreneurs, and I support all of that. I did the groundwork.”

“I Love New York: Reunited” is due to air on Nov. 23.

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