Black & Streaming: From Issa Rae In ‘Young Love’ to Gorilla Glue Girl In ‘Life After Going Viral,’ Here Are 11 Movies and Series to Watch on Destah, Netflix and More This Weekend

Happy Friday, everyone! Since it’s Friday, you know that means that ABS had to come out with another What to Watch list for the week.

If you read last week’s list and loved the friendship bond from the movie “Dymez” (2021), “Day Ones” is the show for you. In the series, two friends also have their relationship tested after they choose to live a life of crime. But this time, these friends are trying to leave that life behind them before it’s too late.

If crime isn’t on the menu for this weekend, maybe love is. Netflix’s “Love is Blind” gives us drama for days with its latest controversy, but if you don’t want to get too messy, “Love in Fairhope” offers a slower-paced look at passion in paradise.

Uche Okoroha from the series "Love is Blind" and Marietta Ellis from the movie Contract Healer.
Uche Okoroha from the series “Love is Blind” and Marietta Ellis from the movie :Contract Healer.” (Photos @loveisblindnetflix @luvmemari/Instagram)

Need something to cut on for the kids that parents will also enjoy? Check out the relatable, family-friendly cartoon, “Young Love.” Watch this beautifully animated and thoughtfully put-together series as a young family juggles parenting, adulting, and multi-generational dynamics in an ever-changing world.

Here’s a list of all the series and films to watch on Destah and other streaming platforms this weekend.


  • Contract Healer (2023) After the sudden death of her husband, a woman must deal with the aftermath of his passing. The way she chooses to do so leads her to find comfort in some unexpected places where she uncovers the truth and finds out more deadly secrets that her husband left her from beyond the grave.
  • Life After Going Viral They became internet famous as “Gorilla Glue Girl,” “The Nae Nae Twins,” and the “Lose Yo Job Lady,” but do you know them as Tessica Brown, Shayne and Zhane Stanley, and Johnniqua Charles? In this series, go beyond the viral memes and learn more about the people behind them and how internet fame has changed their lives.
  • Day Ones (2020) Sometimes being a ride-or-die is the deadliest option. That is something two lifelong friends Lunch Money and Stone find out as they go down the path of just being another “statistic.” Through eight episodes, the pair have to make choices that will either keep them on the path of darkness or change their lives for the better.

  • Testimonies of Faith (2007) In this faith-based documentary, some of the biggest names in the Black entertainment industry talk about the trials and tribulations that led them down the road to Christianity. The film stars heavy hitters like Vivica A. Fox, Michael Clarke Duncan, Teddy Pendergrass, and many more.


  • Street Flow 2 (2023) Paris is known as the City of Lights, but for the Traoré brothers, the city can be a garden or a graveyard. In this sequel to the 2019 film of the same name, Demba, Soulaymaan, and Noumouké continue down their different paths as they deal with betrayal, revenge, and violence while trying to forge a better future
  • Love is Blind S5 (2023) The hit Netflix dating show is back, and it is in the thick of season 5. As the singles get closer to seeing each other face to face, the Uche/Lydia plot thickens as it becomes even more apparent that they already knew each other. As more details unravel, more relationships are being tested.


  • Love in Fairhope (2023) Romance still on the mind? Hulu has the fix, as love is in the air for five different women in the small beach town of Fairhope, Alabama. Follow these women who are in different stages of life as they navigate passion and affection in a place where everybody knows everybody’s secrets.
  • Sweetwater (2023) Everyone knows Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, and Wilt Chamberlain, but not many know of the man who pioneered the way these legends. This sports biopic details the life of Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton, as he traversed his way through racism and prejudice to become one of the first Black men to play in the NBA.


  • The Irrational (2023) This new crime drama series follows Jessie L. Martin as Alec Mercer. Mercer is a world-renowned behavioral scientist who helps police find criminals and uncover mysteries using his expertise in human mannerisms. Although his skills are unconventional, he has an uncanny ability to find his way to the truth.

Amazon Prime

  • Gen V (2023) In the same “messed up” universe as Amazon’s hit show “The Boys,” this spinoff series follows a new generation of Supers as they enroll into Goldolkin University. At “God U,” the young adults push their powers to the limit while also uncovering the violent secrets behind “the safest school in America.”


  • Young Love (2023) Following his Oscar-winning animated short “Hair Love,” Matthew A. Cherry continues the story in his new Max series. The animated show follows Zuri and her parents Stephen and Angela as the young family finds its way through life in the Windy City. The show stars Issa Rae, Loretta Devine, Harry Lenix, and Kid Cudi.

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