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‘It. Don’t. Move.’: ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ In Viral TikTok Still Dealing with Disastrous Frozen Hair, May Be Considering Legal Action

A lawsuit against Gorilla Glue may be looming after viral TikToker Tessica Brown revealed her hair is stuck in place after using the company’s adhesive spray on her hair. Brown’s troubles began a month ago when she ran out of Got2b Glue freeze hairspray and made the colossal mistake of applying the permanent bond adhesive to her slicked-back look.

“My hair has been like this for about a month now. It’s not by choice. No, it’s not by choice,” says Brown in her video prefacing the ordeal. She then explains that she likes to keep her hair in place, but when she ran out of her go-to hair spray she figured the strong adhesive used to bond wood and metals could serve as a temporary substitute.

Viral TikToker Tessica Brown sought medical attention to help with the removal of Gorilla Glue adhesive spray from her hair. (Photo: @im_d_ollady/Instagram)

“Bad, bad, bad idea. Y’all look [tapping and rubbing her head] it don’t move. You hear what I’m telling you. It. Don’t. Move. I’ve washed my hair fifteen times and it don’t move. Stiff where? Wooh. My hair. So, Imma tell y’all like this, if you ever, ever run out of Got2b glue spray, don’t ever, ever use this [holding can of Gorilla Glue glue spray] unless you want your hair to be like that forever,” she continues.

Brown further proved just how stuck in place her hair is by applying shampoo to her head, then wiping it away. Not a single hair had budged. Obviously distraught by the ordeal she fought back tears while saying, “I guess this is the life Imma have to live.”

In the past week people on social media have commented on the matter, with many offering suggestions to loosen the adhesive, and others checkin in for updates on the “Gorilla Glue Girl.”

“Warm water. Adhesive remover. Or warm water and 100% acetone. Let it soak in.”

“Sis I came from twitter. I need to stay updated on your progress. 😩😩I held my breath the entire time 😩”

“😩 all jokes aside I really hope you find a solution Cos this is daunting. Wishing you well”

Brown has attempted remedies such as excessive shampooing, soaking her hair in coconut oil and tea tree oil, and using acetone wipes to no avail. A trip to a local Louisiana hospital resulted in an unsuccessful attempt at using rubbing alcohol to break down the glues bond.

Gorilla Glue inevitably caught wind of the disastrous situation and offered up a statement.

Now TMZ is reporting that Brown has lawyered up — the outlet says Brown feels that because the product’s warnings did not include a specific reference not to use on hair she has grounds to lodge a complaint — and will be traveling to Los Angeles to have a free procedure performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng. The estimated cost is $12,500 and will take up to three days to complete the process.

Beyoncé’s hairstylist, Neil Farinah, has also offered his services to provide a wig and treat Brown’s scalp once a resolution is reached.

So far, Brown was able to cut off the ponytail.

The outpouring of concern and support hasn’t been limited to those of status. The greater public has also donated more than $14,000 to Brown’s GoFundMe to help with medical costs.

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