‘We Tried to Tell Ya’: Fans Encourage Tia Mowry to Reconcile with Her Ex Cory Hardrict After Complaining About Her Dating Life

Tia Mowry shared a hilarious video on Instagram about dating, following her divorce from actor Cory Hardrict. The acting duo broke up in October 2022 and finalized their divorce in June of this year. But for the past few months, Mowry has been testing the waters with dating.

The “Family Reunion” star shared the video on Sept. 14, detailing her dating life and apparently from what she shares, things are not going so well.

Fans tell Tia Mowry to go back to her ex-husband, Cory Hardrict, after complaining about her dating life in new video.
Fans tell Tia Mowry to go back to her ex-husband, Cory Hardrict, after she complains about her dating life in new video. (Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram).

In the short clip, Mowry can be seen mouthing the words to a popular TikTok audio trend that helps explain her single status.

“It got worser,” the divorcée said as she drank a glass of red wine. “It got worse, but I feel like it’s about to get worser. It got worser! It got worser!”

But that’s not all the 45-year-old has dealt with, she said. “Love bombing, gaslighting, and emotional unavailability, OH MY. kidding, but not kidding,” she captioned the post.

Fans reacted to the video, and several noted that they could relate to Mowry’s dating life.

“The dating pool has pee in it. Wear your hazmat floaties sis. God Speed.”

“Girl it ain’t nothing but Hennessey and Hookah out here in these 40+ dating streets. Live yo life. Get your passport stamps. And do whatever makes your heart smile. God Bless.”

“We tried to tell ya.”

“Girl these streets, sidewalks, and highways are ROUGH out here‼️ just a bunch of roadkill.”

Another fan encouraged Mowry to go back to Hardrict.

“I told you it was rough out here guh,” wrote the fan. “If there’s any chance for a reconciliation baby go for it. This ain’t it. They’re unhinged out here.”

Hardrict and Mowry were together for 22 years and married for 14. They share two children: 12-year-old Cree Hardrict and 5-year-old Cairo Hardrict. 

The “Sister, Sister” star previously said that she had been thinking of ending her marriage for several years before their official breakup.

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“It took me that long to process everything and realize that it’s okay. Change is constant,” she shared during an interview with HelloBeautiful. “It’s okay that if something is no longer aligned or serving you, it’s okay to let go.”

In June, Mowry shared a seemingly innocent video of herself dancing to “Keep That Dat” by rapper iCandy. However, fans thought she was shading her ex-husband due to the song’s lyrics, “F–k my ex, you can keep that n—a.”

Mowry first revealed to her fans in August 2023 that she was ready to date again but she has never divulged exactly who she was dating.


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