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‘Cree Said Nah I’m Out’: Tia Mowry’s New Dance Video with Son Cree Has Fans In Tears Over the 12-Year-Old’s Facial Expressions

Tia Mowry may be known to the public as an actress, entrepreneur, and author, but to her son, judging by his reaction to her new video, she’s more like the mom who makes him cringe — at her dance moves.

On Monday, July 31, the “Sister, Sister” alum shared a comical video of her and her 12-year-old son, Cree Hardrict, embarking on another one of their iconic dance battles. 

Tia Mowry’s new dance video with her son Cree derails when fans zoom in on the pre-teen’s unimpressed facial expressions. (Pictured: @tiamorwry/Instagram)

“Part 3 of me and Cree’s big dance off! Y’all see these moves Ya girl still got it!! But as you can see, one of us clearly has better taste in music! *coughs* me I may be biased, so what do you think? Who’s getting the aux, me or Cree?” Mowry’s caption read. 

The short clip started off with Mowry explaining to her oldest child the rules of their dance-off. 

“Mommy is gonna show you some of the songs that I grew up listening to and these songs were the,” she said.

An unimpressed Cree nonchalantly replied, “Oh lord,” which prompted Mowry to burst into laughter. In return, he had to share some of his favorite songs.

The mother-and-son-duo then solidified their understanding of the rules with a handshake. 

“What kind of handshakes do you do with your dogs?” Mowry asked Cree, who looked completely over his mother’s silliness. 

Cree was first up in the dance-off with an impressive dance that Mowry could not seem to imitate. 

“I wanted to try” appeared over the top of the video, as she attempted the same move before it switched to “Cree was not impressed.” 

The pre-teen then yelled, “Nooo,” as his mother added her own pizzazz to the routine. During her second attempt to copy Cree’s dance, Mowry was told that she began too “late.” 

For “Take 3,” Mowry could be seen finally accomplishing the dance moves with a wide grin on her face. As the camera began to pan out, viewers were also able to see Cree give his mother instructions on her next move from the sidelines. 

“Got the Cree stamp of approval,” was written over the clip. 

It was then Mowry’s turn to teach her child about music from back in the day. As she began to strut her stuff, the caption “The spirit of Tia in 90s entering my body” popped up over the video. 

Mowry then shook her rump and body rolled her son’s way, which caused Cree to walk away from his mother with a disgusted look on his face. 

“Where did he go?” the 45-year-old asked, once she realized the soon-to-be teenager was no longer in the room.

It can be inferred that fans were amused by Cree’s facial expressions, as the majority of comments made by social media users mentioned his comical reaction.

“Lol that is hilarious the faces he was making lol you such a good mom.” 

“Tia u know I love u, but I’m on Cree’s side with this one.” 

“Cree said, ‘Nah I’m out, I can’t take this anymore!’” 

“I love it. The joy of embarrassing your kids!”

“Lol I love how he just walked off.” 

Mowry shares Cree and her 5-year-old daughter, Cairo Hardrict, with her ex-husband and actor Cory Hardrict. The pair announced their divorce last October after 14 years of marriage and 22 years of being together. 

Since their split, both parties were granted joint and shared custody of their children. Mowry also was allowed to keep their family home, which was worth approximately $4.3 million.

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