Jeannie Mai Is Fighting to Keep Her ‘Family Unit’ Together After Jeezy Files for Divorce, Leading to Speculation That She Was Unfaithful

Jeannie Mai is not throwing in the towel on her marriage to Jeezy quite yet. The rapper filed a divorce petition with the Fulton County Superior Court on Sept. 14, citing that the marriage of more than two years was irretrievably broken and that reconciliation was not on the table.

Sources claim Jeanie Mai did not cheat on Jeezy as she attempts to win the rapper back after he filed for divorce. (Photo: Thejeanniemai/Instagram.)

“The truth is, Jeannie wants her marriage to work and wants her family to be one solid unit. She is devastated that Jeezy filed for divorce,” a purported source recently told Page Six. This is Jeezy’s first marriage and Mai’s second.

The individual added that the first-time mother “deeply loves Jeezy, and she wants to work things out. She did not get married to get divorced. This was not a part of the plan. This is not how she ever imagined things would go down.”

They further claimed, “Even though Jeezy has filed, Jeannie is holding out hope that he would be willing to sit down and work things [out]. She is hoping for a resolution and wants to remain as a united family unit.”

The two wed at their Atlanta home in 2021 and welcomed their only child together, 1-year-old daughter Monaco, in 2022. The “Lose My Mind” artist also has three additional children from previous relationships. He is seeking joint custody of Monaco and allowing a judge to determine child support requirements.

Court documents reveal that Jeezy, real name Jay Wayne Jenkins, had been contemplating a separation since June.

Around that time, he and the former “The Real” co-host took a three-week-long trip to Vietnam. Mai is Vietnamese and said the experience was an important opportunity to share her culture with her husband.

It has been widely speculated that cultural differences may have played a hand in the marriage’s demise. An alleged insider told “Entertainment Tonight” that the couple had differing views on “certain family values and expectations. They had different views, and each felt like their needs weren’t being completely met.”

Mai and Jeezy’s silence on the personal matter has fueled online speculation from those seeking intimate details about their relationship.

Some have alleged that she had an affair with “Access Hollywood” host Mario Lopez. A video of the actor kissing Monaco on the cheek and being chummy with Mai fanned speculation. 

“Kissing another man baby is crazy,” wrote one person. “Let these ppl divorce in peace! Stop speculating about what may or may not be going on,” wrote another. “I mean I would completely understand if she did lmaooo,” read another comment. 

A new TMZ report suggests that a person close to Mai has debunked those claims, stating that fans misinterpreted the entertainers’ friendship. Lopez has been married for 11 years and has three kids with his wife Courtney. He has not addressed the rumors.

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