‘Showing Every Single Tooth’: Ashanti Fans Say Nelly Showed Nothing But ‘Teef’ After Confirming Their Rekindled Romance

Over the past few months, Nelly and Ashanti’s rekindled romance quickly became a talked-about topic amongst fans.

While social media users have had the pleasure of witnessing the two superstars flirt with each other through live performances, neither one publicly has defined the status of their relationship. 

Fans notice how many 'teef' Nelly is showing after he confirms rekindled romance with Ashanti.
Fans notice how many ‘teef’ Nelly is showing after he confirms rekindled romance with Ashanti. (Pictured: Screen shot of Nelly by @WannMosWorld/ YouTube; @ashanti/Instagram)

However, all of that changed during the “Country Grammar” rapper’s recent sit-down interview with Rasheeda and Kirk Frost. In honor of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, Nelly joined her show, “Boss Moves with Rasheeda,” where the trio discussed his long-running impact in the music industry and his years’-long, on-again/off-again relationship with the princess of R&B. 

Jermaine Dupri also was a featured guest on the show.

As soon as the 48-year-old sat down, Rasheeda wasted no time and hit him with, “So you and Ashanti are back together?” 

Nelly immediately let out a loud laugh after the question while suggesting that Rasheeda went straight in for the kill with, “No warm-up.”

Though he seemingly attempted to keep his cool, Nelly’s smile was as wide as a kid in a candy store. 

“Look at that smile; you see that smile,” Rasheeda noted, while tugging on her husband of over two decades. 

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Still, Nelly kept things short and sweet, answering with a simple “Yeah” before adding, “We cool again.” 

He continued, “I think it surprised both of us though. It wasn’t anything that was like, I don’t think planned. I think we both was pretty much doing what we do.”

The three-time Grammy winner also credited time for healing old wounds and opening the eyes of both of them to see different points of view. 

“Sometimes being separate, you understand one another more,” Nelly explained. “You can be like, ‘Well yo, let me exactly see maybe what they see.’ You know, ‘cause you know we all can be defensive sometimes in our own relationships and wouldn’t know we wrong but we gonna stand on it.” 

Nelly also added that this time around feels lighter than before because he and Ashanti are both more mature and have established careers. “It’s no pressure, you know; before I felt like both of us were doing what we’re doing career-wise and when you got so many people in the middle of it, it can be tough.”

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Before they switched gears, Rasheeda asked Nelly if he saw wedding bells in his future, to which he proudly nodded, answering “My goal is to die married, it’s not to have been married. When I make that oath, it’s – I’m tryna tell you to death do us part for real.”

He then expressed his belief in the overall “goal” of life being to exit the Earth with the knowledge “that you had somebody that loved you and that was with you.”

A snippet of his interview was shared on The Shade Room’s Instagram page, where its commenters zoomed in on Nelly’s giddiness once Ashanti’s name was mentioned. 

“This man was cheesing so hard … showing every single tooth.” 

“If you don’t show them teef when my name mentioned you not for me.”

“Lol he was kicking him self for 20 years over that loss lol . I’m happy they got it right.” 

“Nelly smiling so hard it look like he got 30 down at the bottom and 30 mo at the top ..”

“Blushing hard asf .. I like it.”


Back in May, it was revealed that the “Body on Me” collaborators were giving their love another shot after breaking up 10 years ago. Prior to that, Nelly and Ashanti, 42, were spotted holding hands at the Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia boxing match.  

Additionally, they also were seen sporting matching black and gray sparkling outfits while attending the third-annual birthday bash for Quality Control Records CEO Pierre “P” Thomas. 


After their relationship ended for the first time in 2013, Nelly embarked on a seven-year romance with Floyd Mayweather’s ex-fiancée, Shantel Jackson. The former couple called it quits in 2021, and a few months later Nelly and Ashanti reunited for the first time since their breakup at Fat Joe and Ja Rule’s “Verzuz” battle. 

Though Ashanti previously shut down any possibilities of her and Nelly reuniting romantically, it appears as if fate had other plans in store for them.


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